fake account

  1. C

    Lots of fake seller using multiple account

    In BHW there is some fake people who has multiple sales account, and most of the cases using different website but almost their selling iteam is same. Its not good practice actually.
  2. sercilo

    Farmed Facebook Accounts For Running Facebook Ads

    Handmade & farmed Facebook accounts for running Facebook Ads About the accounts: Geo - Ukraine Phone verified We can receive Text message code if needed Access to the email Created and farmed from 14+ days Farmed without any software Added friends Added photos in the profile Added posts on the...
  3. dadyyanki

    How do make fake accounts

    As title says how do you guyz make fake fb accounts for mostly us,uk,ca countries. I tried to make one but i think i ruined whole process Please give suggestions
  4. R4v3nbl4ck

    How safe is it to use a fake Facebook account nowadays?

    Hi everyone, I need to create a few Facebook pages and run ads. However, I don't have a personal Facebook account and I don't want to have one with my real data on it. I was thinking about creating a fake account, but how safe is it nowadays? I'm asking because a few years ago I had a fake...
  5. IDAN2705

    fake account, what is the highest amount of advertising in your opinion?

    Hello friends, I use a fake account to post on Facebook, how much do you think is the daily maximum amount (euro)? to evoid ban!! It is important to me that the user be as long as possible with the maximum result thanks .
  6. M

    How to make FAKE Facebook account for free?

    I have searched about how to make facebook account for free but I didn't get the answer. Help me If you can that would be great help.
  7. Teeto

    Fuck no! FTC fines this guy $2.5mill for selling fake followers

    Never knew it was illegal until this https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/22/ftc-settles-with-devumi-a-company-that-sold-fake-followers-for-2-5m/ Looks like lots of guys around here are in the same boat as this guy.
  8. Icey Dan

    [Knowledge Bomb] Get High Converting Dating Leads From Facebook

    Hey guys. After 5 years on the forums I finally caved and bought Jr Vip - and I couldn't be happier. To celebrate I figured I would drop some valuable knowledge I've used to make a few thousand over the last few months. Enjoy! So there is a growing community of Facebook groups dedicated to...
  9. N

    Has anyone been able to make a Facebook account?

    I'm not sure if it's still possible but no matter what I do I can't make a Facebook account. I immediatly get thrown into that security lock that demands I upload a profile picture to verify my identity. I've tried to make an account with Mail.com, Mail.ru and Temp-Mail.org I've tried clearing...
  10. masterkokku22

    How can I earn money from facebook?

    Hi guys, I have a fake account on facebook of a hot girl, so It is growing the account, can you tell me ways to make money ?, I have 1.500 friends now, they are all real people
  11. M


    Hi guys, I am a newbie here. I am from Slovakia and I would like to know what are the best options to transfer money from USA to Slovakia without any traces? I have never had experiences with this, therefore I ask if someone could give me advices and tips how to avoid any suspicion. I have a...
  12. Rolf LeStrange

    Does anyone game facebook with fake accounts?

    I’m thinking about using fake accounts to add people, then request they like my page. I did it once with a my account but it was flagged as spam, because apparently having multiple accounts is not allowed (they just want ad money). I might just create fake accounts, probably with a proxy and...
  13. B

    Fake News Website - HELP Needed to remain anonymous!!

    Hi Guys, I have operated a number of fake news sites over the last few years. The issue I face is that I created some of them to replicate genuine news sites (as they achieved the best traffic) and used their real logos. These sites have now been deleted but I am aware that I have infringed on...
  14. silvergoat

    Alias FB acc on affiliate blog

    Hey guysb (and gilz), Quick question.. I want to use a fake FB account as the owner of one of my affiliate blogs. Is this handy? Or will people notice? I use a pic of some sort of B class model and have a FB acc with 200 friends. Any tips? #noobquestion #helpmeout #thisforumisepic Thanks in...
  15. mrsoyer

    snapchat account pva

    Hi BHW Friends, I am looking to buy 20 000 Snapchat Accounts Email and phone verified or 1000 Snapchat Accounts per day all the day... Send good price details. . . .
  16. G

    Selling Pictures in Instagram

    Hey guys, I`ve recenetly made a lot of fake profiles of girls, which I shouted out over my main accounts with 80k, 50k and 20k followers (so they gained thousands of followers in just a few hours). The pictures I`m using on those fake accounts are mainly from Tumblr girls, so there are often...
  17. H

    Fake Fb Account Professionals !

    Hi I lost some of my usefull fake account they were modest never reach 5K friend before but they're were very usefull building a facebook page, Now i did come back to this method but unfortuantly i was unlucky that the accounts are disacrtivated for the 8th time in one week and its annoying...
  18. D

    Need an aged PVA facebook account

    I want a facebook account that is at least 1 year old, of an 18-23 year old looking girl with pictures
  19. aafable

    Picture for fake persona

    Hey guys. I was wondering, where do you guys get pictures for fake profiles? I'd rather not google one and use that. I was hoping that I can get two different photos of the same person. Any suggestions?
  20. D

    I want buy a fake French proof of address

    I want buy a fake French proof of address, such as a water bill - gas or electricity or internet less than three months,to continue validate my account OVH. with this information : Perrin Tremblay 39, Square de la Couronne 75002 PARIS
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