Exit Intent Offer for iOS Users

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    Dec 12, 2014
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    Recently, I was writing a exit intent script that will target different screen sizes appropriately to offer a coupon code. Most browsers fire a beforeunload event. That beforeunload event is what many of the old-school exit offer popups were based on. Newer exit intent scripts track mouse movements. However, iOS Safari does not fire the beforeunload event, and iOS devices do not have mouse movements to track. Modal popups work for desktops and even tablets, but most modal popups are not as easy to navigate on an iOS device. So I developed a script that displays a prompt that holds a coupon code to entice iOS visitors to stay. The coupon code is displayed within a textfield so the user can copy the coupon code from the prompt to use during checkout. I figured I might as well share the love so you can check it out over at hxxp://bit.ly/iosexitprompt Let me know what you think!