1. P

    Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Growth with our Popup Builder - Start for FREE

    Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Growth A No-Code Popup Builder Easy integration on any website Our notification widgets can be embedded on any website, NO technical knowledge required 1- Install pixel Easily integrate it on any website with just one line of code. 2- Create your...
  2. J

    Mega menu or popup?

    Hi everybody, New in tihis forum also new in seo, so forgive my ignorance. Can't find a good idea searching through so many posts... I'm thinking about create a mega menu in my wordpress site to show my product categories. But I think it's more flexible and needs less code to call a popup from...
  3. M

    Anyone use Popmyads.com? Are they good for advertisers?

    I cant find any reviews about them on most forums. Currently running campaigns on popads.net and got some good conversion, tried popcash but conversion rate not that good.
  4. spamco

    Best Cpabuild Traffic Method

    hey guys , im using cpabuild and i have 300$ to start promoting offers but can anyone tell me what traffic should i use , push or pop or any other traffic type...???? that all i want to know and thanks for the help
  5. gettinthere

    Popunder scripts that work in 2020? (&/or Wordpress pop under plugin?)

    Does anybody know of any popunder scripts that are working in 2020? Pops that pop under, rather than over! Thanks :)
  6. bunaziua

    Question About WordPress (Pop Up With Coupon)

    Hi guys, I created a website using Wordpress and WooCommerce, I want to integrate Popup to give possibility when somebody is adding their email and to get via email coupon code 5%, and to be automatic. What plugins or how to search the web to find this kind of results. I did it in the past but...
  7. Meerakat

    Need Help - A Popup

    Sometimes I see these websites have a random popup every minute in a box. For example: "Howard has brought xxx for $50". Is there any online tutorial that explains this real-time popup that pops up every time a visitor visits the website?
  8. V

    Make CPA offer pop-up on page

    Hey everyone. I will be promoting some offers on free bloggers and honestly im aiming for a few bucks given this is all using free stuff. I want to stay away from content lockers and show the CPA offer directly. But im having problems figuring out the following. Lets say you click on my site...
  9. H

    How to monetize (almost) unlimited pop/redirect traffic!

    Hi all! I'm able to get special deals with some providers. I pay something like less than $0.05 for 1000 pop visitors (popups or popunders or redirects) from basically the geos I want. The traffic is from real human (believe me on this, I checked) but the quality is obviously very very low...
  10. b_money

    Are 'Exit Intent Pop Native Ads' A Good Time Investment?

    Hi, I'm new to media buying and I'm trying to figure out what channel to work through - I some how got interested in native ads and more specifically into 'Exit Intent Pop ads'. In the beginning I heard about Facebook , Native, Banners, Push, all kinds of channels. I wanted to dial in on one...
  11. FindDIY

    Display CPA Offers Using Popup With Notification

    Display a notification to users before opening a popup window with a CPA offer or affiliate link. If you use a URL rotator for the popup window, random pages can be displayed. **Will not be blocked by Chrome or any ad blocker**
  12. B

    How can i make small popup at left bottom??

    please check this videos i want to make like this popup on my wordpress website site please help me,,
  13. T

    Expensive Traffic vs Cheap Traffic?

    Hi, im in media buying for a while now and made some profits and im wondering one thing. For testing should i start with setting a low CPM (for example 0.10$ for Morrocco) or should i take traffic for higher rates? If you optimize your ad campaigns than you bid more for the good zones and...
  14. N

    Any Cheaper popunder ad network !!

    Hi , i'm looking for a cheaper ad network which has a Min cpm 0.05 for advertising (except Propellerads) , Thank you .
  15. M

    Popup's on websites discount codes.

    I went on to a website today and 2 popups came up, the first one was just a normal newsletter sign up but the second one was for a discount code, when you enter your email a wheel spins and it gives you your result such as 10% off total order, I noticed that one of the sections on the wheel was...
  16. Gravitylab

    JS expert for popup

    hi looking for some one who can create popups with me as i am generating popup calls. looking for experienced people. Newbies are not alowed, people who are already doing are preffered. payments can be made on per popup lander creation or as you agree. thanks. pm me asap.
  17. Gravitylab

    Looking for someone who can create popup links via AWS

    Hello people looking for someone who can create popup links via AWS EC2 and Host on AWS S3, should be proficient and good working. ill provide you AWS accs, just create and host on aws. paying $350 a month or daily/weekly payments will be done via btc/paypal/ or bank transfer(if in india) ping...
  18. coldice

    Any analytics service that can track 100% of the popup visitors?

    I am buying 1M popup popup traffic but not all of them gets tracked in google analytics. Currently it can only catch 40-55% of the traffic. Is there any alternative that can track 80-100% of the visits?
  19. E

    Looking for cheap traffic (pixel traffic, junk traffic)

    Hello, Does anyone offer cheap traffic for websites? The following traffic methods are preferred: pixel traffic or popup traffic If you do supply cheap traffic, please don't hesitate to add me on skype: tazfan69 or drop a private message here on black hat world.
  20. creativeASS

    tech support

    Hi people , is there someone who is still generating pop calls? AdWords n bing are giving mass ban I think. Also looking to buy if someone have extra caps.
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