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    Whats up BHW,
    Im wanting to step into a little youtube marketing but I have a few questions before I invest my time and money.

    What I'm Doing
    Rip Videos From YouTube (Cucusoft tuberipper)
    Copy The Title, Description, & Tags Into A Text File
    Rewrite The Descriptions & Titles
    Improve The Tags With SEO KeyWords
    Modify The Videos For Uniqueness (Adobe Premiere Pro)
    Create A YouTube Account With VPN/Proxies
    Upload The Videos To That Account
    Promote The Videos/Channel
    Take It To The Bank

    -Which software is best for ripping vids? I cant afford Mass-Video-Blaster or anything paid right now as I've just dropped almost my full IM budget for this month. I plan on getting MVB soon but for now it just is not an option. I got the free "tuberipper" software from their dot com and it looks sufficient for manual ripping/posting but I'm wide open to your suggestions.

    -What is required to make a video unique? Do I just need to trim a few seconds or does YouTube check more factors? I have premier pro so the possibilities are many but I have very little experience with PP so the more advanced techniques are out. I would rather keep things as simple as possible and while obviously i dont want my accounts banned, its not a beg deal if a few get the hammer.

    -When posting CPA links in my description what do I need to do to protect my CPA account? Blank the ref, or fake it completely? Is it possible to achieve this without needing a whitehat CPA site to be the dummy for my fake ref? Is there a way to make it look like my traffic is coming from PPC/Banner ads instead? I would really like to avoid having to set up and rank a WH site especially with that damn panda on the loose.

    -How do you go about ranking a youtube video in google results, I assume it is fairly easy since YT & G are one entity now. Is using keywords on page enough or do I need to do a little SEO on it before my vids might rank?

    Thanks for the info guys & gals, It is much appreciated.
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    I think you should have a look at Traffic Geyser. It'll do most of the above tasks.