1. M

    TubeToolBox TubeAssist Ultimate Youtube Bot, Make Millions!!

    As you guys may know, TubeToolBox and Tube Assist has been shut down, these two bots were the most ultimate to make millions! Anyone know of any alternative bots that do what these two bots did? Primarily private messaging to users that are extracted from a video?
  2. F

    You Tube Marketing Strategy

    Hey Guys, This question goes out to whoever involved in YT Marketing Just wondering what programs you guys use other than Tube Tool? Any recommendation? Thank You
  3. blackhatbeavis

    TubeToolBox Problems - Anyone using it?

    Anyone having problems with TubeToolBox? Im trying to login and I keep getting G verification thing which fails! Any suggestions?
  4. D

    Tube Toolbox website gone completely

    Checked the Tube Toolbox site today and found it has completely vanished. No main page, no forums. This is a very very bad sign for anyone that was using them or considering using them. Anyone have any info on what happened?
  5. renegaderats

    Critique My Method

    Whats up BHW, Im wanting to step into a little youtube marketing but I have a few questions before I invest my time and money. What I'm Doing Rip Videos From YouTube (Cucusoft tuberipper) Copy The Title, Description, & Tags Into A Text File Rewrite The Descriptions & Titles Improve The...
  6. K

    Tube Toolbox crack anyone?

    Hey guys, I looked through the forum and saw the latest crack on the edition, it worked fine for be until yesterday, it has some login problems, I think that it is because of the new youtube login page. Anyone got the latest crack? Thanks
  7. shudogg

    Do You Have TubeToolbox? If So Please Read!

    I have TubeToolbox, and I am having an issue adding messages. Whenever I go to leave messages on videos, then I click "Add Message". It asks for title and the message. No matter what, it will not store the message I put in!!! So if you have TubeToolbox and this feature works for you, could...
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