Creating your own product? Does it work?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by snowberry, Aug 14, 2016.

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    Jun 4, 2015
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    If one wanted to create their own product how would one go about doing this especially as a total amateur with no selling experience?

    I was just thinking about it, making a product myself (nothing that requires factory production) and then selling online? I still don't know if I want to pursue this but I think it could work b/c it's in a high demand niche, but then there's the dilemma of how/where to sell it online. Sell it through Amazon, or make a Wordpress site etc?

    Selling through Amazon as a noob seller would make it look scammy esp with no reviews, & a Wordpress site Idk, b/c it would seem odd to dedicate an entire website to just one product. How would that even work, trying to convince someone to buy 1 thing on your site, there would be very little content on it if it's not a full blown e-commerce store with multiple items for sale, again making it look amateurish
    I don't want to use Etsy, b/c traffic is hard to get there and you don't keep 100% of your profits

    & how would one get professional packaging? How does one actually ship the item? Tracked shipping is prohibitively expensive where I am

    Would this even *honestly* be a good endeavor? How would you sell a self made product with zero prior experience?

    I don't want to waste my time if this isn't a realistic way for me to make money. I know everyone says, no matter what you choose just work on it until you succeed, don't give up bla bla bla... but honestly some methods/products are more likely to be successful than others

    Truthfully I'd prefer passive income one day, and not having to sell any physical inventory, but just something along the lines of 'solving a problem' that's in high demand

    Any thoughts? Please don't ignore this post, if you have any answers/insights please share, I need to know what to do!
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    Well first of you need a site. That's easy. But it's getting traffic to it that's hard. If you would like to sell on Amazon. You would need to give away some for free in exchange for reviews.
    Every product starts with no reviews so don't worry