1. RatSeaExclusive

    What are the most powerful motivators to buy?

    What motivators should product have? Maybe instant results? Social proof? Share your best ideas :)
  2. ty310

    [JV] My product > your traffic, sales in Health/Fitness Space

    Hello BHW! I recently teamed up with an engineer who has a patented product in the Health/Fitness space. His competitors are doing 6-7 figures/month with inferior products. The most similar comparable would be a product doing 7k units/month on amazon alone while priced approximately 110%...
  3. L

    how to earn from google adwords

    If i have 5000$ in my adwords account which website is good for it to earn some money from adword views ?
  4. L


    Hello i have more then 800 products images i want to fill all images title alt captions descriptions please need some suggestions what should i write in all these Thank You
  5. E

    Looking for Amazon US product review. (Long term and Multiple high value products!!)

    Hi, thanks for checking my message. I have a product on Amazon US, so if you are in the States, I would ask if you could give my product an honest review. I have many products in the future, so I am looking for a long-term collaboration. So please pm your profile link, price. Thanks in...
  6. Max Kirschner

    [Rant]I hate false promises of internet riches

    I hate being poor Whatever I do on the internet to make money, it fades away. I have no idea how you can get rich on the internet. I write a blog post and after some time nobody comes anymore, not to mention buy my products on the website, be it affiliate or not. Once a week someone comes to...
  7. S

    Any product ideas?

    Tell me every stupid product idea you have :/
  8. B

    What is the most selling products on amazon

    may i know Which specific Products that are most in demand and selling online on amazon?
  9. beganor

    how I can find a digital product to sell on ebay ?

    Hello guys, I have an account on eBay and I want to know where I can find a good digital product to sell? For a beginner what you recommend guys thank you
  10. CyberGen

    ebay dropshipping! Help with seller account

    Hello everyone, So I created an account to do dropshipping on ebay. Setup everything and waited for a day. when Ive wanted to list my first product. BOOM. I get suspended! Automaticlly! I really need help I want to do dropshipping on ebay but cant list a damn product. If anyone could help or...
  11. bpjw10107

    Sells on eBay "Vitamins Dietary Supplements"

    After doing research on "art and supplies" category. The profit margin too low and we're competing with supplier. Let's try to find what sells on "Vitamins Dietary Supplements" ### May 03, 2020 ❤️❤️TLC IASO INSTANT DETOX TEA 30 Sachets individual servings Total Life Changes...
  12. See you vader

    How you supply your products ?

    I have a general drop shipping store on Shopify that gets 100+ orders everyday of many different products. Can I find someone who can take care of this whole shipping and product finding thing ? How do you experienced Drop Shippers go about this ? I'm tired of having 25 different Aliexpress...
  13. Mazen Hlel


    Hi BHW, If you're running a dropshipping, eCommerce, affiliate, or other passive income business and you're struggling to get your funnels converting, you may want to try these strategies. These come straight from the battlefield. I run a direct response marketing agency, and creating sales...
  14. ladyjazz

    About to step back into the game...any input?

    So the last time I used to venture these forums was when my kid was 2. She is about to turn 13. It helped (and people on here) immensely with my online business I has set up which was a life saver as a single mom Things have changed though and the business I had started I am finishing, Ive had...
  15. M

    Need any paid courses

    I'm a entrepreneur and really trying to grind hard. Can someone lend me a paid course they bought already? Thanks guys :)
  16. Md Humayun Kabir

    My journey $50+ per day from amazon

    Sorry for my bad English I am just 21 years old and I am a student. I want to make some extra money from the internet. I have watched over 500-1000 videos from youtube and read a lot number of the article about earn from internet. Then I start a website . I just start this website and upload a...
  17. jongmr

    import product reviews from aliexpress to woocommerce

    Which tool do you guys use to import product reviews from Aliexpress to Woocommerce? i Tried ryviu, but its not free im looking for free one...
  18. mastertanvir

    Are problem solver, Passionate, selling products dead in 2019?

    I was looking for products which are passionate, problem solver and hot seling. But what I found that in sites like aliexpress, wish, wanelo that maximum hot selling products are cloting, bunch of underwears, electric products etc without any passion and problem solving. I was mainly looking for...
  19. N

    How can I find a hot product ?

    I am searching for a product which will allow me to make some sales
  20. weirdo23

    Small help needed :)

    Hey everyone,I'm working on one project for a customer and I'm currently having difficulties with upsells for products on WordPress/woocommerce. does anyone knows a good plugin that adds these tickboxes,so when the customer clicks on that tickbox it automatically counts that price with the...