Craigslist Ad poster!

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I'm going to refer everyone to this topic before they actually purchase this "service"

Not to mention in the top sticky in this section, it clearly says "Nothing to do with Craigslist"
Just my 2 cents. Be sure to get some referals b/4 you select your CL Ad Posting service. You can waste a lot of time and money going down the wrong path.

Not saying anything negative about any service, just do your homework b/4 you buy.

Cheers and good luck
I am current posting for more than a dozen clients each of who post more then 30 a day. If you need a reliable service then lets talk and i can instruct you on how to proceed.
I am looking for cl posters to sign up under my affiliate link. I deal with cpa network that allows this type of traffic. If your interested PM me.
First, apologies to the OP for jacking this thread also... but I need a poster for the job section (free cities). I am looking for 20 ads a day and willing to pay A LOT for someone with experience getting ads to stay up. I am new to this forum and can't PM yet, but if you could reply here or Yahoo msg me at burapi, I would love to chat with you.

Not open for further replies.
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