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Mar 11, 2009
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I need a craigslist ad poster for sometime. If I get good turn back on my items i will want you to work even more and double the pay. I need around 3 ads a day!

Each ad needs to stay on the whole day then re-list them everyday. Ads must not get flagged! If you have this skill then you might be the one for the job.

Also If you know how to flag other ads that are trying to buy the same products, that's a plus!

PM me if you think your the one for this job!

#hi i am a professional cl poster,i can post any kind of ads like text ad, image ad, clickable image ad, and also i have a great cl poster team so i can post about 1500 ads per day manually. pm me as i am not yet permitted to send pm, or you can email me on my gmail that is "sohanspr"
do you know what the going rate for posting is ?
if anyone can post in for sale > clothes and accessories, plz contact for $$$.. sorry for jackin ur thread but, it does say cl ad poster
I want to hire someone to post in tickets section for me. Please send me PM with rates and contact info. Thanks
it's cool guys. I'm looking for the right person for the job. I need ads that will stay on for 24 hours in 3 cites that's it. And reposting them everyday. Let me here some rates
only thing im gonna is the ban hammer! :)
I use service from bdzone1990 before and very happy with his service.
I would recommend you to try his service. He is my CL guy :)
hi im a professional cl poster i am seeking housing, community, personal and service section offer to post for anybody. if you are offering that then email me on my gmail that is "sohanspr"
Not open for further replies.
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