1. D


    Hi guys, I need a high risk payment processor asap. I'm from Brazil, I have LLC in US but I don't have ITIN. Do you know any high risk payment processor that can work with me?
  2. G

    High risk Payment processor that changes customer deposits into crypto instantly

    im looking for a High risk Payment processor (that offers a IBAN) that changes customer deposits into crypto instantly (if wanted) and the register process should be easy to bypass. Looking for longevity of the account even with high amounts. Any tips?
  3. dluffy

    Highly profitable referral program for developers

    Hello bhw. I would like to announce a very profitable referral program for software developers. SMM, eCommerce, Online Retail, Finance, Games, Crowdfunding, etc. that you sell or distribute. If you add Payid19 as a payment method to your software, you will receive half of the commission for each...
  4. jacob cohen

    Is there any way to withdraw money from paypal without waiting 21 days?

    Is there any way to withdraw money from paypal without waiting 21 days?
  5. getakash1

    Payment System Testing

    Hello, I need 2 freelancers to test my payment system, You will need to pay $2 on my site and send screenshots I will pay you $10 to test the payment. It will hardly take 2 mins. Must be outside india. Regards Akash
  6. jackal007

    My instagram was Banned

    Hey guys I spent ten years on my business page on Instagram somehow; someone banned my Instagram account with fake documents he wanted money to fix. And he keeps threatening me. I need someone who can fix it and prevent this from happening again. Scammers already take money from me, so I am...
  7. nikonaime

    Best Website Type for Easy Bank Payment Integration Approval?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to set up a website and need advice on the easiest website type to get approved for bank payment integration. I plan to use this integration for multiple product sales. Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated!
  8. guaranteed instagram accounts 2.png

    guaranteed instagram accounts 2.png

  9. iNano22

    I need a payment gateway for betting website without much verifications.

    I need a payment gateway for a betting website i am creating for a client without much verifications requiered. I have tried some like primepayments but the website category was rejected. I can't use stripe or others like this because i don't have bussines documentation for the verifications...
  10. N

    Help! Can you connect a US bank account to onlyfans in which the creator lives in a different country?

    I have a couple of girls back home(Brazil) that want me to create and run their onlyfans accounts . They want me handle everything including their socials and financials. So I read that if you have Paxum, the account doesn't have to match the onlyfan creators name , but what about the country...
  11. O

    paypal limited any solution

    Hello BHW Team , i have a paypal limited today and paypal ask me for more info , the request is provide more info about your business. Is there anyone can give some suggestion i sell digital products
  12. Daynex

    Best non crypto methods to receive payments from an Onlyfans client for marketing services?

    What are the best non crypto methods to receive payments from an onlyfans client. I am providing them services and am not receiving the payment directly from onlyfans but rather the model/creator. Any tips or suggestions from someone with experience would be greatly appreciated.
  13. farhadgh

    What are the Best Payment Methods for selling Services and Digital Products in sanctioned country?

    Hey there Paypal, stripe, and all payment methods are not available in my sanctioned country. I emailed and they don't allow registration from sanctioned countries. and also I emailed they didn't respond, I don't think they allow too. I know I can use wordpress +...
  14. EPN

    Do you have any problems with payment?

    If you have any problems with payments or any other problems, you can write in this chat, we will help or you can help each other:)


    Hi guys im currently doing mexican dropshipping my main is issue is mexican means of payments, they need you to have a mexican company which is imposible for me as a foreigner. Don't tell me in the whole world nobody is able to sell in mexico with OXXO or mercado pago for instance ? Please help me
  16. H

    [ADULT] Best way to create a sales funnel ?

    Hello everyone ! This is my first post here and i would first like to thank you for all the value delivered here ! My question is as follows: in the adult domain, in the context of offering a subscription service, which service is best for creating your sales funnel? I read here of using...
  17. Morrison71

    Payment Gateway that allows unlicensed materials

    Hi all, I have a website with paid membership plans where members can access to the unlicensed digital content. Frankly speaking, there are eng-subbed local TV shows and movies from my country in my website. I don't have any members yet. I haven't done any remarkable SEO or marketing neither. I...
  18. prashantborda

    Affirm Payment Gateway Approval for my site

    Hello All, I am from India and doing legit business via ecommerce site in the USA. I have my firm registered in the USA and paying the taxes there too. USA bank account and office as well there. I am doing white hat business. I sign up with the affirm, but they have decline my approval. Any...
  19. PSTNET

    ❗️❔Ask Me Anything about Virtual Payment Cards (VCC) 2023 ❤️

    Let’s find out what stirs the mind of virtual card users! Why should I use virtual cards for payments? What is BIN and why everyone is talking about it? How to avoid risk payment ban? How to choose a card for digital advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, etc)? Please feel free to...
  20. wantviews

    Payment/Subscription processor for a nomad (webdev)

    Howdy. I’ve decided to take on web designing and need something to manage my customers. My problem is: 1. I’m legally a Russian tax resident and citizen. 2. I live all over the place, currently in Azerbaijan. 3. I also need to manage subscriptions (maintenance - hosting etc). Would be great to...
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