CPAlead not paid for a niche i posted


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May 2, 2016
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I recently joined CPAlead and my account was finally old enough to list my own niches i made. So I ended up posting a niche that lead to a free health ebook and it got approved today. After checking a few minutes ago I noticed it said I had 1 sale (and I'm supposed to get 15% of what the affiliate earned) but my balance is still 0. Is something wrong here or does it take a while for the payment to make it to my account?
Also, I checked to see who made the sale and it says they made $0 from it as well. how can that happen?
I never messaged him. It's something I'm still very new to and I'm still learning it.
Ok I just sent him a message. Another sale was made today and it was for $0.00 again... Is this a common issue?
You know what, ignore this post lmao I'm pretty sure the reason I haven't gotten paid is because the niche is free and the AMs were just picking to promote it. that's what acted as the "sale" i don't think any of them have actually promoted and gotten downloads from it yet...
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