1. skferdous

    integrate offerwalls, videos, and surveys into my Android app

    I'm looking for someone to integrate offerwalls, videos, and surveys into my Android app's backend. Ad Networks: Adgem, PolFish, AdGate, CPALead, KiwiWall, OfferToro, Personally, TapJoy, Wanads, Vungle, ayetstudios, and a few more if necessary.
  2. Erramusk

    Made $9,738.85 in 30 days with 1,73,619 clicks :)

    Hello Guys im Eran. In last month I made $9,738.85 from 1,73,619 clicks. I make money from ogads and I use game hack generator (like Minecraft) and premium app login generator niche (like Spotify). I get 60% traffic from google and 40% from YouTube. Now i want to make more money from this...
  3. F

    How to make money without peoples pay money for me?

    Hi i want to ask the professionals here a question >>> i am getting visits to my website and sell a Forex Indicator but the peoples enter my site and did not purchased any thing, my site is free from wix site but its getting good visits daily, how can i make money from those peoples who dont...
  4. H

    OGads, cpagrip cpaleed And mobidea

    I am registered on cpagrip Cpaleed and mobidea. Does anyone know how to create an adwall screen containing three app downloads on one of these sites?
  5. ZakariaSenbai

    CPAGRIP & CPALEAD Payment process

    hello everyone i just want to know the payment process on both CPAGRIP and CPALEAD if you received payment before from one or both please tell me the exact process like if they ask for a proof?
  6. ZakariaSenbai

    New CpaGrip/CpaLead/PaySale Affliate

    hello nice to join this elite forum i hope if you are an affiliate for cpagrip, cpalead, or paysale you help me thnx
  7. A

    Leadstead - CPA Network - Daily Payouts Available

    Leadstead brings you the hottest and best converting offers. Utilize both of our incentive and non-incentive offers and make the most from your traffic. Our innovative publisher tools will equip you with state of the art monetization options. We provide options from direct linking to content...
  8. F

    Anti-Virus Blocking CPA Offers

    Hi everyone I'm new to CPA marketing. I've joined to cpagrip and cpalead but whenever I try to preview the offers and test them they get blocked by the antivirus... have you experienced this? does that affect the conversions? and what other networks that I can join for beginners?
  9. Mohit Masand

    Anyone here currently working with cpalead? {Problem}

    i am trying to promote content lockers in cpa lead but those lockers doesn't show offers? anyone having same issues?
  10. A

    What happens if a person is rejected from all CPA offers but still has a large fanbase somewhere?

    The following is on instagram and it is possible to be farmed. Just needs the right audience. Is it a good idea to fall back on cpalead? Is there any way to salvage this? Asking for a colleague.
  11. B

    CPALead a scam?

    does anyone have payment proof from CPALead? I have filled in all the required information and they have been withholding my money for about 2 months now and refusing to pay, I have sent about 5 emails, and never got a response to any of them, is this website a known scam that I should watch out...
  12. elias880810

    What is better in CPA, Human verification or Install APP?

    I'm doing tests but I want to know about your experience, What is better in CPA, Human verification or Install APP? which is better in each network separately according to your experience? i use cpabuild and ogads
  13. F

    Need Help: CPA marketing and sports streaming

    Hi guys i'm newbie here, i'm thinking for a method to make money but i need your advice first. I'm thinking of streaming some sports games and make money through cpa (content lockers). For the website i will simply use blogger and embed some streams in it and for the cpa networks I will use...
  14. EuforijaKg

    CPAlead Payment Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with CPAlead payout. I have some approved funds in my cpalead account. Let me explain a bit: These earnings are from 2 years ago. I just wanted to test cpaleads back than, had traffic for a few days, and decided I'm not going to use their network. I didn't selected...
  15. samnang

    Who KnowHow To Setup Correct Global Postback URL CPALEAD with CPABUILD ?

    I mean i want to advertise on cpalead using offer on cpabuild, But i don't know how to setup correct Global Postback Url, Hope everyone on here can help me, THank you
  16. GreenLAD

    Good app install network suggestions?

    Hi guys other than ogads is there any network that offers app installs offers with a direct link because ogads only offers content lockers ??
  17. B

    235 Affiliates, 0 cents? (CPALead)

    So, I currently have a niche on CPALead called, "Easiest 100 Per Day Online," and within a week and half there are 235 people promoting it. I thought that publishers are suppose to get 15% of the profits made? I've made $0.00 yet I promoted another niche and within minutes I make a couple bucks...
  18. S

    Best software for internet marketers

    I am looking for software where i can add all my expenses for like buying account, domain, hosting and likes then add money earned from it and shows profit and loss. if you know one let me know or just let me know if you can make new one for me
  19. pulok

    [Help]Need Advice From you guys

    Hey guys,I write a PDF and i want to promote it using a Content locking survice.I am workin in "make money online for free/without investment " niche.So what would be the best content locker for it.I have account in sharecash,cpalead,cpagrip,Adworkmedia.So it would be great for me if you suggest...
  20. B

    CPALead not seeing my referral clicks?

    I've had a niche submitted in the "pay per click" section of CPALead for the last 8 days. There are currently 160+ people promoting it. I have been making $1-$5 a day promoting someone elses niche, passively from a YT video. That means off of just me, that guy/girl is making 50 cents or so per...
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