Adseals, what is ADS wallet? Don't want to open any unknown wallets​

look it up on google and any scores (can't place links here) ADS crypto is quite an old trustworthy wallet working for the last couple of years

Adseals, what is ADS wallet? Don't want to open any unknown wallets​

ADS coin has been dropping in price recently but the wallet is solid. It's even possible to swap coins either on BNB or ETH chain. Idk, this coin is for advertising transactions
What is the point of such a solution, if there are plenty of others on the market with convenient payments.
Yes, but the value in ADS is that is has low transaction fees and can make quick ads transactions. For advertising, i don't remember any of such coins
Man, are you serios?)))

dozens of systems with familiar cryptocurrencies: TRC, ERC, BTC ...
none of these coins created for advertising per se

ADS has it's own blockchain specifically for ads
this is from Adshares website:
The Adshares dPoS blockchain layer is used to transfer value between advertisers and publishers. It enables direct one-to-one and one-to-many transfers. With 1,4 million transfers per second, Adshares is capable of holding the entire advertising industry’s settlements.
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