CPA + Facebook ADS


May 23, 2012
Hey guys was just wondering is still Facebook ADS working with CPA offers? If you create a good landing page for your niche and buy facebook ads will worth ? Thx
Yeah its worth it, if done right. Easiest way is to spy your competition and mimic their campaigns.... And then tweak it to max.
Yes it still works, but the old days of just throwing up a website clicks ad and seeing results are over. It has become a lot more difficult to profit, requiring several tricks, but definitely still possible.
Its gonna be a costly affair. In the end you will be spending more on FB than earning with CPA. Not a good idea.
First of all, You need to understand that: Facebook Ads is not a part of Black Hat SEO :D

You are asking in wrong Sub-Forum!
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ofc it does..a lot of affiliates are making good amound of money promoting diet kinda offers using a good cloaker...
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