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Sep 1, 2010
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I have been told that my text is messed up as I have copied and pasted most of the text from microsoft word to my site after I had wrote it out.

Can anyone see the problem?

This site us built using
If i copy the text to a notepad - delete the content box - create a new content box - copy the text back in from the notepad
Should this solve the problem?
Just copy it in notepad and then paste it on your website that should work ...
Yeah, don't use ms word or any other full blown word processor. They use a lot of formatting codes that won't transfer right when you do a cut and paste.

Just use notepad (or other basic text editor) to type out your text, and then copy and paste that to your blog editor. Then add whatever formatting (headings, bold, italic, colors, whatever) using the blog editor.
Yeah microsoft word and works inserts weird characters into text. I wouls suggest using Notepad++ instead to write all your text, then copy and paste from there.
i had this problem before too, if you paste from word and then look at the HTML of the text you will hundreds of line of random code that came from micro word. notepad first then ur website!
Half of the people I speak to can't access the site. However when I ask someone else on facebook if the links working they say everything is fine?

Anyone know how I can fix this?
I know wht you mean, the font styles all look different and there is nothing much you can do about this. Open the site in dreamweaver and where the text starts you should be able to see the styles applied on the font just select one style and set it for the whole content of the site.
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