1. wolfofcraigslist

    Creating your own sms gateway?

    I want to generate my own us phone numbers for free ;). Is it possible to set up a smtp server of some sort and create numbers?
  2. Turbo B.

    Looking for native German speaking member

    Looking for native German speaking member for translated text checking / correction.
  3. Meerakat

    [Method] Generating Unlimited Content Using AI

    Few hours ago, I made a lounge post regarding some article's quality and according to some of the members; it had good quality but slight errors that could be fixed easily. Now. The so called public platform is called: "AI Dungeon" Yes, it is indeed a game that uses AI to generate unlimited...
  4. MicroBit-OMS

    Google Voice Account.

    I see many boys group in our country creating Google Voice Account numerously. Many foreign customers (even from the USA) are buying it at a massive rate. I don't understand whether it is so beneficial that many are placing bulk orders. In my city, there are many teams creating those accounts...
  5. sony108

    I need your knowledge. from jpg. to edit in word

    Hi, I need to extract text from an image of a book in JPG. To be able to edit that text in word, does anyone know how I can do it? thx in advance. All the best!
  6. LearningForever


    I wanna automate my image creation process for IG, Pinterest and Tumblr. 1. Scrape a royalty free image website (ie. Unsplash) 2. Automatically add some text from a CSV file. Are there any (hopefully) free software, service, bot or combos to solve this? Thanks!
  7. marce12

    Create S3 Amazon Polly? bucket

    Thanks to the forum I found with this application and thus transform the text into audio, I usually need to convert more than 3000 characters. Up to 100 000 characters, you must save your task in an S3 bucket. Wouldn't you know how to do it some help? Thanks
  8. K

    How many accounts/sim?

    Hi! Right now I am using 2 accounts with one sim, but since a few days now when I try to verify an account, I just don’t receive the sms code.. Today this happened with 2 more accounts and I am not sure why. I have no problems with my personal number that I use with 3 accounts. Do you have any...
  9. Takurah

    Does Black Hat World transpose? {ask}

    My mom is a vlogger online and wants to start using blogs. So I'm trying to take her videos and pay someone to convert what she says into blogs or .docx. aka transpose I've searched the forum and I dont think anyone does this... Am I crazy? is this not a thing? Is there a corner of the market...
  10. B

    $1 an hour virtual assistant adult chat work. immediately start.

    Hi seeking a chat worker to work daily 12 hours plus 7 days a week. $1 an hour with raises after good work. VPN can be provided and mandatory training given. English required Text chat is via website.
  11. F

    Can you read someones text messages without installing software

    I know this sounds stupid to some but like what the title says is it possible that you read someones text messages without installing software on their phone or touching their phone? i read it somewhere few months ago you can but can't find the original website and now seeing some many sites...
  12. XChalenger

    BHW Quick Generation Unique Text For Online Business | Trial

    Hi, friends. I want to show you a program that can generate a unique text. For ease of use, I created an API. API can be found on the link betid.cf/API/instruction.html. The program is available in trial mode. Now I want to understand whether the program will be in demand? To use the program...
  13. Bookmaker


    Hey guys, Where can I find an app or online tool to put a animated text that walks in my youtube video Thanks
  14. J

    Adult content copywriter

    Hey! I am looking for copywriter who can write titles and tags to adult videos. Titles must be generated based on video thumbnails which I can send to copywriter. All work fully automated per telegram bot. I can pay 1 cent per one 1 title with tags.
  15. blogzandstuff

    Use LOL! In your posts, you could soon be breaching tradmark

    Proctor and Gamble are trying to trademark text speak https://www.bbc.com/news/business-45289440
  16. Heiko

    Looking for someone that can write some text with spintax

    Hello, For my adult project i am looking for someone that has creativity and can come up with some good spintax texts for promoting certain websites via Twitter posting. The text should look like this : "Do you like what you see? Check more @ " - Of course it should be a little more creative...
  17. Heiko

    Take action and don't let anyone diminish you!

    We only have one life. Don't live your life according to what people think about you or how they judge you. It must be you that is "OK" with the outcome. Once we start to manipulate ourselfs into justifying why we choose to do this instead of that we become a prisoner of the person that is...
  18. S

    Mass texting service?

    So I get a lot of my business from Instagram, and as a result I have a lot of clients. My phonebook contains about 20,000 clients right now. I am looking to send them all ONE text, not necessarily sign them up for a "texting service" just want to send all of them an update at once or at least...
  19. S

    I can't login to my Facebook account...

    I am unable to login to my Facebook account, I have the 2 step verification factor set up under my cell phone number and I input my password and it says that it has sent the code to my phone but I do not recieve anything for weeks now. I have tried texting the 32665 number and still nothing...
  20. praveen545445

    anyway to get past copied text helpppp

    guys is there anyway to get my secondlast copied text please help its an urgent
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