1. N

    Question about copied material? Help

    Hello. I made a blog about movies and wanna make some top ten lists. If i make top ten lists for e.x. Horror, Fantasy etc. is it bad to copy the movie's description from e.x. imdb? If i change the i to í in the description's does it protect me against s.e. machines? I know its better to write...
  2. M

    Is it ok to copy and paste "Deep Link" of any page in website ?

    I have a Website & also CJ ( Community Junction ) approved. 1. Can I copy "Deep Link" any page and post into my Website ? 2. Will it be any bad affect for google ranking ?
  3. P

    How can I stop the copy?

    I used the vimeo premium account for protection on my videos. I realize that, but the video can be downloaded with programs "plugins" of browser as a "ant video downloader"(that is a plugin a browser mozilla firefox). How can I stopped there plugin? Or is possible to create another player who...
  4. peterbruce

    Copy & Pasting Issue

    I have been told that my text is messed up as I have copied and pasted most of the text from microsoft word to my site after I had wrote it out. Can anyone see the problem? This site us built using If i copy the text to a notepad - delete the content box...
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