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Aug 20, 2008
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Hey ,
Need some advice with it. I see that copeac have many great geotargeted offers ( us , ca , uk etc. only). So the problem is when i want to add display/ dest url provided me by copeac to my ad in adwords i get it disapproved.
This happens because display url doesnt match destination url. So if offer is for US only and if you try to click on it from non-us country you get redirected to another page.
Display url: ""
Dest. url :""
If i try it from us IP i get redirected to "". But if i am using non-us IP, it goes to ""
So i want to ask which will be the best way to get things working right ? Buy new domain and insert offer as iframe in it ?
But what if there will be CC entering offer ? I think that many people can be scared to enter CC when they see non-https url :/ Maybe there is any thing to trick AW bots when they checking dest url ?
Yes, I get to make a post.

I use this method to solve this problem:

Find hot current events that a lot of people are searching for. A recent success for me was the Andrew Koenig disappearance. Now google "Andrew Koenig" and write down the top five urls that come up. Avoid big ones like yahoo. Use those urls to make longtail kw's, i.e. "eonline andrew koenig" "people andrew koenig missing" I used "walter andrew koenig son" too with success. I try to start with about 25 kw's for each campaign (five urls, and five keywords, so if your keyword is "andrew koenig dead" you will have that keyword mixed with each of the five urls.)

Make a poll landing page, url doesn't really matter, and just have it be a picture of Andrew Koenig, text "do you think andrew koenig is" and then links "alive" or "dead."

Both links lead to your CPA offer, kind of as a thank you.

But don't do the Andrew Koenig example, it's pretty much over.

Now divide up your PPC revenue between four or five different campaigns (i.e., don't just do Andrew Koenig, do four other current events on top of that) and rotate your CPA offers on the thank you page.

Now you have five campaigns with 25 cheap kw's each, and you're rotating your CPA offers for diversification. I like to do Zip and Email submits, they perform pretty well. Out of those five, drop the ones that aren't doing 100% or better and up the investment on the better ones until they fizzle out. Which is of course fine, since while you're sitting there watching your campaigns, you're also coming up with new ones. Some campaigns may actually be profitable for a long run, but most fizzle out pretty quickly, so you have to stay on top of it.

This is in my mind the easiest Adwords CPA method.

Alternatively you can just make a basic landing page, but the simplicity of the polls I find to increase performance.
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