1. Griller

    Anyone else not get their COPEAC payment the other day?

    Im set up for a wire but it never came through, I called and got some sort of bank excuse, did anyone else get a wire from them Wednesday?
  2. F

    What's the matter with COPEAC these days?

    Just went to log back into my old COPEAC account from a couple of years ago. It's closed and I have to ring them for a new account. They just a bunch of time wasting wankers now? Anyone recommend some decent CPA networks for me to get back into, just signed back up to Neverblue as they had...
  3. R

    Copeac + adwords

    Hey , Need some advice with it. I see that copeac have many great geotargeted offers ( us , ca , uk etc. only). So the problem is when i want to add display/ dest url provided me by copeac to my ad in adwords i get it disapproved. This happens because display url doesnt match destination url...
  4. O

    COPEAC help

    Hi, Im sorry guys for this stupid question but i need some help. I have an account on copeac and i need to know if i can find a script or something for using this CPA. Can anyone help me with some ideea? Thanks guys.
  5. O


    Hi, Copeac have PPC or just CPA? Thanks Can anyone tell me something good about COPEAC? Thanks
  6. T

    Just got accepted by COPEAC and CJ

    First i would like to say that I'm new and i'm learning from you. I just got into copeac and cj using some users comments on BHW. i have a website where i have placed some banners from cj but i know that it's not a best method to driving traffic to my affiliate links. (i have about 100 unique...
  7. K

    Affiliate Networks Question.

    Guys, I recently applied to the following networks: Neverblue - pending Hydranetwork - pending CJ (Approved) Copeac - pending Azoogle - pending Anything I am missing or this should suffice? If you have any suggestions for me plz respond. -Thanks
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