Celebs & Content locking for beginners.

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    Hey guys Royal2b here with a little bit of insight on how I started testing out the waters and making some cash by using celebrities & content

    What i did was take a very famous celebrity, did a bit of keyword research on the individual or group and noted
    the type of traffic the keywords were pulling in.. Most being long tails straight up with the celebs name in
    it somewhere.. I then would look for EMD's with the name of the celeb in it as well for maximum exposure..

    One of my emds for a certain superstar:

    Global monthly: 14,800

    local monthly: 2,400

    Like 300,000,000 when typed directly into google as the url is shown.. =p

    I then would collect as much info & pictures about that celeb and categorize it neatly and build a nice gallery for easy access as well. I also make a page for all the DL links of whatever the celeb has done.. (Make that the last tab on the navigation and make it stand out and a different color as well..) Post the DL links too all the Music, movies, books, etc from the celeb.. All things a die hard fan would want, and then I locked it using a content locker of course to monetize. but I also do have links on another part of the site for whoever wants to buy and support the artist as well through amazon.. I also make it clear that I do not host the material downloaded as well, that I'm "just linking" etc, etc..

    If need be, use offshore hosting just to be on the safe side if you choose to do this for a major artist like I have.. Same goes for
    domain registrar. Wouldn't want their labels or production companies coming after you since they most likely hold the rights to
    the music/film & you don't want the celeb personally coming at you if the site takes off and you have something that they might
    consider slander or hard on their image.. So for the most part keep it positive about the celeb

    For traffic, I will then upload some music too Youtube, after altering the speed a bit so copyright isn't a issue anymore, than I
    would of course have the description pointing to the fan site, promising of exclusive pics and downloads of the artist. I also
    manually write and top rate a comment pointing to the sites as well. If the celeb you choose is Big enough traffic will roll in
    on its own, I do that process as well with other media engines that I can find.. I also posted on forums, blogs and any other
    site that is relevant to the artist or entertainment as a whole.. (magazine sites, gossip sites, twitter, facebook pages & groups)
    the list goes on and on.. I also set up google alerts to keep up with the artist and be able to update my blog periodically with new
    info and media content.

    Also writing content came easy to me as I am a fan of the artist.. So breaking down the material this artist put out, like the
    meaning of the song, the producers, etc was a easy way of generating more content to use.. as for keywords "celeb name+long tail" seem to make finding good keys a whole lot easier...

    I literally just started these projects not to long again and have been very busy other more important ventures, but I noticed that this can bring in fast money and if done carefully can even be a stable income.. I'm still testing new methods to monetize and bump traffic up but i find that what I outlined above will get you started on the right foot..

    I hope this info helps someone out & will be updating this post just as soon as I shift back over to those projects !
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    Interesting idea but linking to their music seems like it could lead to trouble. Essentially isn't that what Pirate Bay did, just showed where you could download it and they got sued for it?

    How much have you made from it so far?