1. A

    Celebrity on Netflix : like or not ?

    I don't know if you've had time to see Celebrity on Netflix, but give it a try. It's all about social networking and influencers. In my country, influencers get a lot of bad press, but I get the impression that in South Korea, it's much more professional and supervised. The show is so well done...
  2. im_network

    Facebook keeps on unpublishing my pages

    I created a facebook page for celebrity girls photos. I never posted nude photos, showing ass or nipples , all photos had private parts well covered, but looking hot. I never posted photos with other pages watermark. I posted photos only, no links, nothing else. I advertised it for 2 days ...
  3. D

    Celebrity pages

    How do celebrity pages get hacked and when they get they new page with they're new name the followers start climbing back fast
  4. SMMJedi

    Celebrity Tweet Alert

    What is the best way to find out when a celebrity has tweeted so that you can be the first to reply? I'm talking any alert system like RSS, application integrated into Slack, smart phone alerts and so on; anything. Impressions go up considerably when you are one of the first, if not the first...
  5. M

    how to get traffic for celebrity website

    hi guys i have a big problem The age of my website is 1 year but i could not get visit What to do?
  6. shampaigne

    Thoughts on scripts following celebs

    I recently stumbled upon a script that follows+unfollows the most popular celebrity accounts and repeating it several times a day. Apparently there are people going through the latest followers to find interesting accounts to follow. I tried this manually on 20 accounts and will get up to 8...
  7. PAWsocial

    The ticket to making your Porn-uploading blow up

    Hey there, I personally am not into the whole porn re-uploading technique and I have never done it, but I have an interesting proposition for anyone who does. Today I found a pornstar that is not using Instagram and luckily nobody has taken the username so far. I am planning on building the...
  8. SubhoC

    Celebrity Endorsements Arbitrage , Can this turn into a real business ? o.O

    Okay about two weeks a ago my uncle was contacted by a biz owner who sells 'Celebrity Endorsements'. I even posted about it on the forum about whether we should get it or not :/ We didn't get it because we thought it's just not suitable for us. Since then this idea lingered in my mind and I...
  9. SubhoC

    Getting Celebrity Endorsement ?

    My uncle runs a Local Restaurant in our area which runs quite well locally but he has been trying to expand his business and get more customers from all over the area. Yesterday he was contacted by someone who sells Celebrity endorsement and said that it could get him gain tremendous...
  10. yoyoballs

    Owning a Celebrity Domain Name - What are the Pros and Cons

    Hey guys its yoyo here, I just wanted to see if anyone here has any info on what the pros and cons are with owning a celebrity domain name. Why am I asking? Well recently I purchased a domain name of a celebrity and posted it on GoDaddy Auctions and so far no views or bids. Can you guys break it...
  11. A

    Women's clothing dropshipping

    I am opening an online store with a friend for celebrity dresses. We are currently using the Dropshipper Faya8 They have turned out to be great for the job so far. However, there is another option(Doba) we can switch to that was suggested by another friend. I was wondering if anyone else also...
  12. S

    Celebrity News+PPD+Youtube- Works or Not??

    Hello BlackHatters. This is my first post here. I checked many threads here which is very useful to me. So I want help from you all. I want to know the Celebrity News+PPD+Youtube works or not. I mean I google around and fond some controversial news. So was thinking to make short videos on that...
  13. rodprv

    Possibly the biggest celebrity hack of all time?

    When I first joined this website, I thought it would lead to new and profound information, however, it hasn't come to pass. I thought I would indeed learn about hacking and making money, however, maybe this is the wrong website. Today, TMZ broke a story about at least 15 celebrities having...
  14. royal2b

    Celebs & Content locking for beginners.

    Hey guys Royal2b here with a little bit of insight on how I started testing out the waters and making some cash by using celebrities & content locking.. What i did was take a very famous celebrity, did a bit of keyword research on the individual or group and noted the type of traffic the...
  15. E

    How do I get listed in the myspace celebrity directory?

    I asked myspace if my profile could be listed in http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=directory.celebrity I do a big name Internet cast I have 1000s of friends on my profile i asked myspace & they toled me this I find this to be BS I have seen profiles listed in there with like 2...
  16. S

    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone! Very nice forum I was lookign for many years I run bunch of adult free sites and paysites aswell. Here I am looking for some hot infos on black hat and whitehat seo. I do whitehat seo for several years and I think I do it pretty well As for paysites I run sinfulcomics.com...
  17. J

    The age of Greed - and what people will not do to get there! :-) (NSFW)

    What will so called celebs not do for fame and money? Adrienne Bailon Gets $100k Offer from Playboy - Cheetah Girl received offer after leaking nude photos of herself :yield: :p
  18. S

    What would you do with a popstar name?

    If you had a very popular popstar's domain name and the domain name included there next album to be released in the future. What would you do? Would you keep the domain name and try to monetize the traffic with CPA offers? or Would you get rid of it because of copyright issues? or Would you put...
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