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    The Autoblog Case Study Guide

    First of all, I have been reading BHW for a long time, and haven't really seriously tried to do SEO or money making online, but now I want to give it a serious try.

    Anyway, I will make this case study guide as simple as possible so others can replicate it easily, most tools will be free including hosting and domains as they will be subdomains, so there is no excuse to not make money online. If you do not want to work hard then making money online is not for you. It might take some time for the money to start rolling in but after that it will be completely auto-pilot. You can also feel free to add your knowledge to this thread as I am still a newbie in IM.

    Moreover, there will be a big use of simple maths in this case study guide, it will be as simple as possible to give a reasonable estimate of traffic, money etc.

    As a side note, All the calculations made here are theoretical, they are just an average of what could happen, it could be more or less, but mostly it would be at around the point of the calculations.

    Tools used, plugins and platforms used.
    Free hosting and Subdomain. ( Must, Free, Feel free to buy a domain and hosting if you want to spend some money, but you don't need to though.)
    Wordpress. (Must,Free)
    An amazon autoblogging plugin I will be using WP-Robot, there might be some free ones to use though. (Must, Paid might find free)
    All-In-One-Seo Pack. (Free, Good to use)
    Google-Sitemap-Generator. (Free, Good to use)
    Google Analytics (Free, Feel free to use any other analytics service, but this is free so..)

    I want to keep it simple so these are the plugins and tools I will use.

    The whole point is to make an army of autoblogs, non stop posting for you, Quantity matters in this case.


    1.Get a free subdomain, there are a lot of these sites that offer free hosting and subodomains, this will keep the cost down, unless you want better hosting and your own domain then go on.

    2.Install wordpress ( Do I need to help you in this? )

    3. Get a fair theme that you can get quickly, no need for it to be SUPERB, just an Okay theme.

    4.Install Google Analytics tracking or any other tracking service into your theme or site.

    5.Upload and activate All-In-One-Seo pack.

    6.Upload and activate Google Sitemap Generator.

    7.Upload and activate WP-Robot (Or any other autoblogging software that can post amazon products)

    8.Edit WP-Robot options to use simple mode(I prefer this).

    9.Enter all the needed amazon information in the options of WP-Robot.

    10.Create a campaign and enter the keywords (Don't enter a lot just a few as you will be making multiple campaigns)

    11. Set the posting to 1 post per hour.

    12. Accept it.

    13. Now do this to at least around 9 more campaigns with different keywords.

    14. (Optional) Give the site a small indexing boost, or social bookmarking boost, Web 2.0. (Do not waste your time on building too many backlinks)

    15. Add the monetization you want to the site.

    16. And now forget!

    Next step...

    The Maths.

    I have a few sites I launched before starting this, one of them is an amazon autoblog, I launched it around 2 months before posting this, the first month the site got almost no visits so we will take it as 0. The next month, it was getting very few search engine visits so will also take it as 0. Exactly after around 2 months of launching the site it was starting to get around an average of 5 search engine visits per day.

    The site now has around 800 posts. So if we want to take a constant for these types of sites of visits per post. So we would divide 5 by the 800 posts thus.

    5/800= 0.00625 Visits Per Post.

    Now I will be doing around 50-200+ posts per day on each of these autoblogs, considering they are subdomains they shouldn't get sandboxed.

    So if I was to take the start of the 3rd month as 0 Visits and 0 posts, (Although not 0 posts, this is merely a calculation of average visits) and an increase of 200 posts per day automatically, the last day of the month would be 200*30*0.00625=37.5 visits, So to take an average of the visits during this month we would add 0+37.5(Last day of month visits)/2 *30 (Days during a month)=562.5 Visits from search engines in that month.

    Now if I would still increase the posts at 200 posts per day I would do the same but in a different way this time, we will calculate the end of this month by 200*30 + 200*30<-- (The previous month's posts) *0.00625= 75 visits per day at the end of the month.

    37.5+75/2 *30 = 1687.5 Visits in this month..

    And the calculation keeps going and going you can try it out yourself, but lets keep it simple..

    Next month= 2815.5 Visits, 112.5 per day at end.
    Next month= 3937.5 Visits, 150 per day at end.
    Next month= 5062.5 Visits, 187.5 per day at end.
    Next month= 6187.5 Visits, 225 per day at end.
    And the list goes on..

    So by 8 months from launching the site.. The first 2 months=0 so the total of 3rd+4th+5th+6th+7th+8th= 20253 Visits.

    Enough of maths for now..


    Now am not very good at this, so I don't mind taking suggestions from all of you about this part, but for now I'll be using these monetization techniques.

    1.Use of CPM ads, due to the fact that these sites are completely just automated and free to make so.. (Little bit of math) If we say our CPM is 0.4, 20253/1000 *0.4= Our site would make $81.012 after 8 months of launching it. Now I don't know what's the real average CPM on CPM ad networks or what is the best CPM ad network, so I'll be picking a few of them.

    2.Use of Intext ads: These work well as far as I know, I'll be using infolinks for this, (More maths, Oh please have mercy..) If we say the start point of an average click is $0.05 and the end point of an average click is $0.12, and our CTR is around lets say 6%, 20253*6/100 * 0.03 Up to 20253*6/100 *0.12= $36.4554 Up to $145.8216. So an average of= $91.1385

    3.Normal CPC Ads. Now I don't really like this as it clutters the page a lot and makes it unreadable and trash for the visitor, so I won't do any calculations for this, so if you have any good CPC network other than adsense, please do give me some tips.

    4.CPS networks. Now there are many of those, such as clickbank and commission junction and the list goes on, I never had luck with those, so if you have any idea about how to monetize autoblogs with this, please do add to the thread your knowledge.

    5.Amazon. Now it is a CPS network, and most of the autoblogs in this case stidu will just be Amazon autoblogs, so lets make a very simple calculation. (OH MY GOD MORE MATHS!?) If we say the conversion rate is 0.1% ( I don't want to over do theoretical calculations) and the average commission is $0.5, 20253*0.1/100 *0.5= $10.1265.

    6.CPA. Now this converts much more, but I don't really know how to use them well, as I have never really been into any CPA network so I'll leave it until I learn more about it.

    That's all the monetization techniques I could think of for now.

    So within 8 months, The autoblog you set in a few minutes and for free will have made an average of $182.277 with only 3 monetization techniques.

    So if you set an autoblog within 20 minutes with everything integrated, and do this 2 hours a day,for only one month (The more the better). You will have 180 free Autoblogs posting for you so.. (Yes Yes more math) 182.77*180= $32898.6 within 8 months with only 2 hours a day for one month.

    The case study guide will keep going as I will be posting my case study and at the same time adding more and more to the guide as I move on. Moreover, I will be launching around 6 Amazon Autoblogs each day ( maybe more or less), and posting what happens, ( Remember it takes time for it to start making money, But then it will be auto-pilot)

    Also feel free to add the knowledge you have here, to help the others and myself.
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    Update: 30/3/2012.

    I took one of my test blogs and spammed it with posts with wp-robot, it reached around 4k posts and still at half of the day it has recieved 8 search visitors and 4 referral, Will post an update at the end of the day to see how much it SE traffic it has recieved.

    In the meanwhile I will try to run more of these amazon blogs and probably I will spam this amazon autoblog with posts till it reaches around 10k. Also I'll try to run a few video autoblogs with a mixture of news and pictures autoblogs.

    I might add some more plugins to the list so that the inner pages rank a bit better for long tail keywords automatically.
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    Sounds very interesting, but you don't mention where you getting the content at, or if you using any spinning to it.
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    I think the reason for the low visits is that the quality of the posts are simply too low (assuming they are scraped). Are they duped? Where are all these posts coming from?
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    My autoblogs are going well but I am getting most of my content from UAW so I feel that it is only a matter of time till it gets deindexed. Fuck it.
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    UAW has a really low uniqueness % because it is only a combination of 3 different articles (no para, sentence, word spinning at all!).

    You might want to consider getting from a different source.
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    The Murda Mitten
    use a social plugin to post links to fb twitter whenever it posts, might help with SEO and more visits