Can we hide redirection from Bing ads ?


Jul 19, 2012
I need help on this issue urgently.
How we can hide redirection from bing ads ?
A normal user will be redirected but any person or bot from bing should not be.
How we can achieve that?

This can be done with a referrer based redirection for hiding it from Bing adds, and a useragent based redirection for not redirecting for bots. I just sent you a PM.
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You need a good PPC cloaker cause you want to redirect bing ads. No regular cloaker does that cause PPC and regular web crawlers/bots are different things.

Thanks guys for answering. What is the surest way to do it? I have heard its not that easy.
Repulsor : Can you do it for manual reviewers also, I guess some IP based info might be required for doing this.
Also once done will it require manual review or tweaking to manage that?
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