1. jriz

    WP plugin/script to handle link redirection for CPA offers VS. making 20k separate pages??

    I'm working on a wordpress site based around offering thousands of downloadable files that are hosted externally (Rapidgator). Here's what I'm trying to do: 1. User visits post on site and clicks link to download the file of their choice. 2. User is redirected to some kind of interstitial or...
  2. S

    Wordpress Blog Redirection Tips!

    Wordpress Blog Redirection Tips required: I want to redirect a site that has been penalized. Now it has been over 6 months, and I have given up on that domain. I have 5000 articles, and I want to redirect everything, including single posts, to a new domain. 1. So when I need to publish new...
  3. A

    How to make this post and and rank in google ?

    "watch john wick 4 online" in these keyword to google search always show some vedio in top result .When Click... it redirect 3 page last show a landing.How to do this? And how to rank it? Anybody have any idea? link:
  4. Universe0

    Looking for 301 redirection expert for large ecommerce site

    Hello, one client of my agency is looking to move his eCommerce site from custom cms to WooCommerce. However, we want to keep his current serp ranking as it is his main traffic source. We need an expert, preferably a company, to help us with the task. Only apply if you are extremely...
  5. Bloodseeker

    Help me with this WordPress redirection

    I want to redirect site to entirely but below are conditions: should redirect to should redirect to Then all the other pages (excluding above ones) including home of should...
  6. Bloodseeker

    Need help with htaccess

    Hello, I have this redirection code in htaccess file: It redirects the given page perfectly, but if there's a number or letter after the slash, it won't work. Example: /c/system/8 doesn't redirect. Can you please help me redirect /c/system/ with anything after the slash to /t/system? Regards
  7. MgicalaEarner

    Help me With Redirection Script

    How Can I redirect a Mobile And Desktop Traffic To Different URL. Like If traffic come from mobile I want to redirect to And if it comes from desktop I want to redirect to It will be appreciated if anyone can help me. Thanks.
  8. DrEinstein10

    Selenium script in python to get redirection url using free proxies

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a python script to follow the redirection of some urls that cannot be obtained using regular http calls like curl. (I apologize if the terminology is wrong, I don't really know the technical terms for all of this) Here's what the script does so far: - It gets a...
  9. Raman Sharma

    Amazon AWS Link Redirection & Link Indexing

    Hi all, Greetings, Today I have seen many Google sites domain which are rank on 1st page in Google search. Each "" come through with a different type of redirection. Here is the link: "Redirecting you to"...
  10. kurosaki4d

    How to know if a domain name is clean?

    Hi, I have a few domain names that i would like to buy and eventually redirect them to my site. With that said, i need to make sure that these domain names won't have a bad repercussion on my SEO. So how can i make sure that these domains are clean and not spammy? How can i analyze them? What...
  11. beastkay

    Do we have any alternatives to smarturl ?

    If you guys don't know what smarturl is, it's used to redirection purpose and there are many other uses like to sell music under one page. But as a marketer, I was using it for redirection on the basis of geo. Looking for the free alternatives of it, do let me know if you have any idea of any...
  12. vineet18

    What to do with the pages showing under "Page with redirect" section in Search Console?

    In Search Console under the section "Page with redirect", I see many Category pages like: are redirecting to the respective Category page ( What could be the reason? What should I do?
  13. M

    301 redirect - Old domain to a sub-page on another domain

    Hi, I was searching for this topic but couldn't find too many informations. Let's say I have this domain: - and I have decided to create a new one - - At this point, the first domain would become a subtopic so I would want to redirect it to a subpage -...
  14. codeman1234

    Redirect plugin reporting weird 404 erros

    Hello, On wordpress redirection plugin in 404 errors section I am getting lots of weird URLs like the following: (not my url website (not my url website) /login?from=-NAN /horde/imp/test.php /wp-content/plugins/brizy/admin/site-settings.php...
  15. akr007

    Permalink Issue!

    Hello experts! I am having a queer issue. I bought an expired domain. It has some good links to 95 URLs. I want to recover them. But the URL pattern is domain. com/02/03/2009/post_name Now I recovered them with the date in Wordpress (to keep the link juice). It is okay so far. But the problem...
  16. Roger Marquez

    WordPress Redirection Issues

    I recently made some changes to all the SEO page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs on one of my client´s sites. Unfortunately, there´s an error with one of the posts where it keeps redirecting me to its homepage. The site is using Yoast and I have double-checked the Yoast redirection tab and...
  17. KJREDDY247@


    So, I try to start an affiliate store so just try to register as an affiliate on amazon when i tried to enter my payment and tax details that page was getting redirected to www2.affiliate.....etc and getting blocked by my anti-virus. I tried in incognito but still the same result. What kind...
  18. TBolts20

    [Mini Guide] Easily move files from VPS to Mac Book

    Hello friends, I was looking to copy a file from my windows VPS to my Mac Book earlier today and it wouldnt work. I use my VPS for Jarvee and was trying to move some information I had scraped in order to use it in excel. I ended up finding a nice easy way to do it creating a shared folder...
  19. HardSearcher

    Wordpress Bulk Redirection For 410 Status Code - Need Help ! ! !

    Hello Guys, we have a little problem about 410 Bulk Changes. I want to change 622 web pages with 404 Status Code into 410 Status Code but I don't know the correct formation of CSV file for this process. Anyone has any information about this? Maybe a source?
  20. Rifzan

    Is it worth buying an aged domain for Redirection or PBN?

    Well, I wanna ask this forum member about the aged domain. I bought some aged domain from auction a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still confused to use it for PBN or redirection 301. In your opinion, which one is better and safer for Google algorithm because you know that I don't want my choice...
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