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  1. A

    I need someone who knows how to display bing ads/google ads campaigns

    I need someone who knows how to display bing ads/google ads campaigns, I pay well for this. I can provide you with the accounts, I pay for your service and the expenses are all mine. We'll form a partnership, don't try to trick me!!! Only people with references here on the forum or you'll have...
  2. web3venture

    ⭐️Trusted Virtual Card Issuer (VISA) ⭐️ (Top up your card balance in USDT and FIAT.)⭐️

    Virtual cards are suitable for paying for advertising campaigns, subscriptions, plane tickets, hotels, and other online purchases. Issuance of virtual cards for any task: - Payment for advertising offices: Google, Facebook, TikTok - Payment for any online services: Dropbox, Netflix, Zoom...
  3. I

    Microsoft Ads/Bing Ads Accounts For Sale

    Microsoft Ads/Bing Ads Invoicing Accounts For Sale Type of Accounts: Invoicing. Forget about the hassle of getting billing approved. No Credit Card or Paypal required. Account Use: Accounts can be used for any business except sds related to banking, gambling, crypto, wallet, scams, and men's...
  4. Evelyk Fullem

    Bing Ads in 2024 Is Easy - Here's My Method!

    Hello dear friends, today I would like to share with you my method of working with Bing Ads. Unfortunately I have to post this post again as I broke the rules the first time. Please leave your comment again under this article, thank you! Used geo: NZ (New Zealand) Required: anti-detect Dolphin...
  5. Outc@st

    New Bing Ad Account

    My first Bing Ad account was permanently blocked. I would really like to use Microsoft ads again, so can someone please give me some tips on how to create a new account? I already did some exploring and I wasn't able to find a suitable solution. Thanks.
  6. O

    im not surprised no one uses bing or bing ads

    i wanted to try bing ads, mostly to see the cpc compared to google, i signed up & couldnt see the cpc it would cost, i had to coontact the support, they changed my status to "expert" - even though i had just joined the same day. out of the blue, i tried to login & it said my account was...
  7. Darkm2901

    ✅ Bing Ad Account For Sale

    Hello, we have Bing Ads Accounts with AD Running with Impressions for Sale. We have few in stock at the moment so hurry up before we run out of them. Account information and our terms of service: - You can use accounts for all countries - Accounts have Ad Running and/or Impressions...
  8. F

    Bing Keywords Getting Disapproved

    Hi everyone, I have a Bing ads account in Gambling sphere, and it has been working for some time. But there is a problem that the keywords are getting disapproved constantly with online gambling, though the account works. Everytime I remove the keywords, and add them again. Usually there is...
  9. B

    I think this is the place to make an introduction

    I'm interested in learning how to promote all kinds of online content (websites, social accounts, streams, gambling, etc). I am pretty new to the scene, but not new enough to be a good scam target ;) LOL. I'm hoping to learn about google/ bing ads, sms/ email promotion, social media promotion...
  10. E

    Bing/Microsoft Ads Accounts (How to get multiple running accounts?)

    Hello, i just started to work with Bing/Microsoft Ads and the campaigns converted quite well after 1-2 weeks of optimization. From one day to another my account just got suspended without any reason (I didn't do anything wrong) After that i tried to create a new account on a new device, new...
  11. Madison Chan

    ✅ Bing Ad Account For Sale

    Hello guys, We're selling Bing agency ad accounts, you can use the accounts for all countries, please contact us for details if you are interested. Price: $350 per ad account;10% top up fee. Refund Policy: -We will refund if we can't deliver the account within 3 days. Otherwise, no refunds...
  12. Deimos455

    Need someone to run my Microsoft ads campaign

    Hello! I need a person who can run a ready for launch ads campaign in Bing (only download it and start). The problem is that Microsoft doesn’t allow it on new accounts. So I’m looking for someone with old and working account (digital agencies with big spendings will be a perfect solution). I...
  13. a6nke

    Look at my results in microsoft ads

    How do you think I can increase the number of clicks on a campaign? If I set the cost per click manually and set the lowest price tag?
  14. I

    I am looking for a Bing Ads partner

    I am looking for a person who will fill my offers, in this topic for more than a year and a half, ready to provide all the proofs of payments and earnings from offers, I know how to fill Google ads, the Google key is already cast, I am looking for a partner who knows how to run Bing more...
  15. I

    Seeking Bing Partner to Join Team for Corporate

    We are seeking a partner to join a specialised team with huge corporate auto transfer projects (ATS) We will provide you everything and you will deliver Bing Ads traffic We do not pay forward You will receive pay end of each day Earning are from $1-1000000 If you are interested write to...
  16. Madison Chan

    ⚡️Bing/Google Ad Account For Sale

    Hello guys, We're selling Google & Bing ad accounts, you can use them for all verticals, please contact us for details if you are interested. Price: $500 per Bing ad account;$100 per Google ad account; 10% service fee. Refund Policy: -We will refund if we can't deliver the account within...
  17. Panther28

    New Chat GPT API for Ads is rolling out by Microsoft

    Maybe adsense has some real competition now? Anyone in the market for trying this?
  18. A

    Setting Up Bing Ads - With Updates!

    Hi there Guys! Do you have any success creating Bing accounts? I'm stuck with the payment option. I've tried cards, but they are not working with Bing Ads. Now, I'm going to try PSD cards ( heard that they have 3D security ). I can open Bing ads account, and once it's suspended...
  19. Majro Martinio

    Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads accounts for sale.

    Bing Ads account for sale. Accounts are of multiple geo's depending upon stock, so please ask before placing order if you need any specific geo. There is no replacement guarantee on the accounts after the accounts are delivered. There will be refund of the funds only if I am not able to provide...
  20. A


    Looking for an expert in blackhat bing/google ads . Must have own aged bing ad account and payment method. VERY well paid. 10-20k a week (proof of work will be requested )
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