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  1. A


    Looking for an expert in blackhat bing/google ads . Must have own aged bing ad account and payment method. VERY well paid. 10-20k a week (proof of work will be requested )
  2. D

    Need someone to run my Bing ads campaign

    Hello! I need someone who can run my Bing campaign including billing. We will send you ads budget +10% for you work. We will spend approx. 10000$ monthly (+1000$ - for your work).
  3. a6nke

    Actual payments for Microsoft (Bing) Ads [2023]

    Lately I've started to notice that picking up a payment system for Bing has become much more difficult. When linking certain cards it simply gives me an error. Often it's your card, but it's also affected by the fact that your account was created recently or because you use cheap proxies. 5...
  4. M

    How do you figure out a product’s gross profit after running paid advertisements on it?

    To calculate the gross profit of a product after running paid ads, you need to know the following information: The cost of the product (also known as the Cost of Goods Sold or COGS) The revenue generated from the sale of the product The total cost of the paid ad campaign Once you have this...
  5. L

    I need Help in Affiliate

    Hello affiliate experts can anyone please tell me best websites for affiliate other then CLICKBANK AND MAXBOUNTY Because click did not accept new accounts now and maxbounty i am not recieving a call so is there any other good company Thank You
  6. L

    I need help in maxbounty

    when i try to register on last step when i click submit this error comes Cannot read property '0' of undefined can some one please tell me how to fix this error or any kind person who can give me maxbounty please Thank You

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  8. M

    Looking to Hire A Freelancer for Ad Ops Revenue Management and Operations

    I'm seeking a Ad Ops Manager and Consultant to help us with procuring ad suppliers and helping as a liaison with getting the ad suppliers integrated into our upcoming arcade style video game on our website. We are operating a WebGL game. We specifically need someone who: - Has experience with...
  9. S

    Bing Ads for Local Business Generating 0 Calls

    Hey Guys, I am running Bing Ads for a local business. We are getting clicks from relevant places and the search terms are also relevant. We are running 2 campaigns. 1 - Mobile Only: Since Bing doesnt really have a call only campaign I created a campaign only for mobile with a call extension to...
  10. Outc@st

    Match Type For Keywords

    For your Bing campaigns do you usually use phrase or exact match for your keywords? I'm currently testing exact match, but I'm not getting much for clicks.
  11. Outc@st

    Tracking For Bing Ads

    How do I know which keywords gets clicked when I'm running a campaign?
  12. G

    earn $100,000 in crypto with google advertising

    hello friends, I'm kind of new to the forum, I've been interested in crypto ads for a long time, and I'm sure I'm going on the road without susupend, I have my own strategy, this way I get rid of susupend Google crypto ads in 45 days with$ 100,000 of creativity I wanted to share my success that...
  13. G

    google and bing bet gambling crypto advertising

    i found really lucrative sectors with the way i found on google forex betting services like crypto advertising i started dating very easily with crypto ads i won 50,000 in the last 1 month many people can't get ads with bing ads and are eating suspend and i've learned the solution to this and...
  14. buhabhai

    Old Bing Ads( Microsoft Ads) Accounts for sale. With spending.

    Old and strong Bing Ads account for sale. The account has been more than 1 year old and has a spending of more than $100 on the accounts. All accounts are Indian accounts with INR currency. These are not threshold accounts. They are prepaid accounts and need to add funds to run the accounts. I...
  15. GringoMonkey

    V3.0 ☑️☑️☑️ PAGE 1 BING RANKING - No Rank, No Pay (Looking for Beta Testers)

    PLEASE NOTE: V3.0 of my system exploits a loophole in the Bing Ranking Algorithm. Do you want to test v3.0 of my system for FREE to gain a hugely unfair SEO advantage and Quickly Rank Page 1 in the BING SERPS? I know that is a bold claim and you should be sceptical… BUT I want to be able to...
  16. Moonshots

    Generate leads on Google - Bing - Facebook

    We need someone to generate leads for us in the financial niche. It's not a scam, we simply looking to build lists, but google keeps suspending our accounts. If you are able to assist please drop us a dm
  17. GringoMonkey

    ☑️ BING SEO RANKING BOOST – No Rank, No Pay (Looking for Beta Testers)

    PLEASE NOTE: This system exploits a loophole in the Bing Ranking Algorithm. Do you want to test this system for FREE to gain a hugely unfair SEO advantage and Quickly Increase your sites rank in the BING SERPS? I know that is a bold claim and you should be sceptical… BUT I want to be able to...
  18. IM-Rafi

    Suggestions : Facebook Ads vs Google Ads vs Bing Ads vs Native Ads

    Hello community, Several years ago I used to do CPA marketing. My primary traffic source was free social media traffic, classified ads posting etc. For the next few years, I was busy with offline job for various reasons. Now I want to start again, but I do not have enough time to generate free...
  19. S

    I Need 100% Working Bing Ads VCC Source

    Bing is too much strict with vcc now. i tried almost every neobank which gives VCC. but bing is not accepting any of it... please let me know if anyone know vcc source i am ready to pay for it...
  20. GringoMonkey

    ✔️✔️ [JV] Bing Ads ✔️✔️

    If you are making sales running PPC Ads on Bing this might be the perfect JV for you. I can pretty much rank any keyword on Page 1 of Bing. Once the site is optimised I can usually start ranking within 24 hours and within a couple of weeks rankings are really cooking :) If you are interested...