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  1. fxkool

    How do you guys lower Microsoft Ads CPC?

    Any tips? I am in the health niche. CPCs have soared the past several months.
  2. PremiumAds

    Running Ads in 2021/2022 And Dealing With Advertising Platforms

    Hello everyone! I wanted to create this thread as a sort of collective where we can help each other answer questions and concerns from other members. (If Mods will allow it) I used to have a thread where I would answer advertising questions but the questions were sometimes too broad and pretty...
  3. Chilarai

    Why I Stopped Brand Bidding on Bing Ads

    Hello Everyone , I am new here. This is my first post . I've been brand bidding on Bing Ads since the last 6 months. But Last Week , I Stopped all my campaigns Here , I will share my experience : As Google Ads is suspending more and more ad accounts , people have started moving towards Bing...
  4. Waynetimi

    Buyer's intent keywords

    Good morning everyone. Please, I'm confused on how to find buyer's intent keywords for my ads. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  5. mon3y4me

    Microsoft Ads aka Bing Ads $100 No spend coupons

    Get $100 Bing Ads/ Microsoft ads Coupons with No minimum Spend required. That means you can you spend $100+$50 from threshold for a total of $150. About our Coupons: These coupons are for new accounts and unlike others, they require no minimum spending to be eligible. Why Bing ads? Bing ads is...
  6. Sud_BingAds

    Bing Ads (India)

    Need A Help and Suggestion from Community! I Have 30 Bing Ad Accounts, Warmed Up with Clicks and Impressions. When on Next Day, I am setting up the final Campaign, with Coupon, The Account gets suspended. I have tried the following New Domain on Final Campaign No Tracking Link in Tracking...
  7. T

    While often forgotten, Microsoft Ads brings some news too

    Yes, this is a rare occurrence, but there are two updates worth mentioning from Microsoft. First on the list: There are some interesting numbers when it comes to compliance and ad policies. The ad platform removed 1.6B ads in 2020, 270k sites and suspended 300k advertisers. That’s quite a high...
  8. xStewie

    Bing Ads Coupon No Spend SIR

    So I asked my provider if he sells the method. What do you think guys? Are they really Microsoft SIR partners? Honestly, I couldn't find any info about how to get the no spend coupons....
  9. Micorosof USA

    Bing Ads spend 28$/138$

    Does anyone know how to create the promotional code bing ads spend 28$/138$
  10. MehtaM

    Bing ads+Clickbank : Mismatched data and120 hops with no sale.

    I'm promoting a Clickbank product with good gravity. I'm using the direct link. Bing shows me 91 clicks. Clickbank shows 127 hops. Total sale - 0 :( Why mimatch in data? Why no sale? I'm using exact match keywords. And the landing page of the product is fantastic.
  11. NeillAkash

    Which type of affiliate products or niche are best for Bing search ads?

    Which type of affiliate products or niches is best for Bing search ads?
  12. vimal85

    What are the best Forex/Crypto lead generation platforms for targeting in Italy?

    Hi, I need your advice on my lead generation campaign. I have already tried google ads and got rejected and account banned. Niche : Make money online, earn money from home I have failed miserably with google ads. can someone suggest me a good platform for running paid ads for instant results...
  13. fxkool

    Bing Ads For Affiliate Marketers In 2020?

    Hi there, I wonder if Bing Ads are still good for affiliate marketers in 2020? I heard that Bing don't put much restriction on affiliate offers and their compliance department is pretty lax. However, I sell the dietary supplements as an affiliate and it turns that my KWs are super...
  14. B

    Running Adwords Account for US company as a non-US founder

    Hi guys, I offer digital marketing services like copywriting. I have a US LLC business and I want to run PPC ads on Google for it. I am a non-US founder and don't want anything at all to do with my country of origin when it comes to running my online shop. So I wonder, does it matter if I...
  15. MehtaM

    VCC for Bing Ads?

    I'm looking for VCC which works with Bing Ads. Any reliable source?
  16. Misan

    CB product + Bing ads [Suggestions]

    Hi guys.. I want to start promoting ClickBank product using Bing ads. as am very new to ads so want some suggestions with your experience Any tips and advice would be highly appreciated... Thanks
  17. G

    [GET] 10x Bing ads spend INR650 get INR3000 coupon

    As the title says, I can get hold of quite a few coupons of these denominations. Some basis TnC's for these codes are : They are applicable on new accounts INR3000 will be released after spending INR650 (excluding tax) Expiration date of the coupon amount will be 90 days Applicable for...
  18. PremiumAds

    Ask me anything about running ads in 2021!

    Hello, I see there's so many threads about people asking why their ad accounts get banned, why they can't create an account and run ads, why they are limited, why their cards don't work, etc. So I decided to create this thread to try to answer all questions about running ads in 2020 The...
  19. TheSingh

    Google AdWords Alternatives? - Search Network

    Hello! So i'm guessing you've all heard that Google Adwords will now require ID verification from all their advertisers in the near future. This presents a HUGE issue regarding people who would like to keep their privacy. So the question is, What is a good Google AdWords Alternative in terms...
  20. sudhirnyc

    Need help: Bing Ads Blocked Me (Not just the ads accounts)

    Hi, I have ben running Bing ads for a while, almost 6 years now, not regularly but off and on. Very low volumes but has always been profitable. Suddenly one fine day when I was scaling up the campaigns my Bing ads account access was denied and I got a message saying that the account has been...