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Bulk Mass Mailing Automation solution Required

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by [email protected], Nov 1, 2018.

  1. KJREDDY247@

    [email protected] Regular Member

    Aug 31, 2018
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    We have a Total of 9 domains

    Domain1 . com / .net / .org
    Domain2 . com/ .net / .org
    Domain3 . com/ .net/ .org

    ( All .net and .org will get redirected to the main URL.COM )

    We have 10 email ids on each .net and .com domain only for mailing (we are not sending any direct emails from .com except queries, as we thought it would keep the domain safe from all bans), that would be of total 60 email id's. We are looking for a service where we can automate sending 60-70 emails from each mail id, that will be around 3k-4k emails per day. (Some people may not find it bulks we are sending them manually now which takes the complete day to do this)

    We wanted to schedule these emails where we can change the subject lines and, body text ( name, location etc). For each mail, while scheduling the specific details with their First name in Subject line, Full name, location, and their interest in the body text.

    All the emails we send are specifically targeted to a niche where they have opted into similar services previously that
    we are providing now.

    We do give them the unsubscribe option in our email to reduce the spam complaints. These emails are nothing related to any spammy services links (adult, gambling etc.).

    I am new to these technical details but I need expertise suggestions what exactly we need to do
    to automate as mentioned, do we need to take some SMTP, Proxies or IP's to do this? OR is there any reliable software available ( please do suggest if you have used previously and it worked), we tried some but that didn't suit us.

    We wanted to track the details the inbox delivery, open rate, and link click-throughs also.
    Currently, our Open rate is 21% but we are mailing manually now. As I am looking to add some new projects I wanted to automate these things.

    I hope this thread will be helpful to so many other newbies.
    Do remove this post if I have posted in the wrong section.

    Does sendy+AWS OR Mailwizz+AWS work for this kind of requirement?

    Looking for your suggestions