mass mailing

  1. TheBlackDragon

    [JV] I Can Send Millions of Emails with High Open Rates + Your Monetization Campaign

    Hi, Over the past few months, we've managed to send out millions of emails that many people opened, even though these were cold emails. This was possible because we had the right list of email addresses and the right thing to offer them. We're looking for a partner who's ready to team up. You...
  2. RPeters

    Workspace email & sending spam to a 10k+ list

    Hey all, I have a secondary (backup) business/domain google workspace email address(es). This email is not tied to my main business domain, but I want to send to my targeted list from here.. (I'll most likely be using Atomic mail sender or something similar) My question is: Assuming blocks &...
  3. vincere8

    Can an email address be repaired after damage is done?

    Hi, I engaged in abusive mass mailing, and now most of the emails I send end up in the spam folder. Is there a way to improve my email deliverability, even if only to a small extent, through a warming service? or is it too late and there's nothing I can do about it? Regards
  4. G


    HIGH MAIL-TESTER SCORE: 10/10 CLICK ON YOUR DESIRED CHANNEL BELOW TO CONTACT US.[/SIZE][/FONT] SKYPE, TELEGRAM and ICQ NB: Please always be careful of scammers. We have them a lot already. Always contact us by clicking on your desired contact link above and you will be redirected to our...
  5. G

    [Giveaway] Free SMTP for mass mailing.

    Hi As a newbie and a ghost member who has been following and gained quite a lot from the little time I have spent here, I am giving out free smtp for mass mailing as a Christmas Giveaway. You can reply to the thread with 'SMTP PLEASE ' and I will send you a PM with the details. Merry...
  6. B

    What is the best cold mailing tool available in the market?

    Hi, I want to do B2B cold emailing. But even after months of research, I could not find the right tool. I have to send about 1,000 emails per day. Earlier I got configured some SMTP servers but they could not last even for a month, and some of them were not delivering the emails. All suggestions...
  7. flashsites

    Seeking Email Blaster with High Deliverability

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
  8. m4virus


    to much campaign , to much new services talking about their ability to offer you a massive sending inbox guarantee , but it's just a bullshit . i tried many services without any results . so anyone could help explain new method or just advice to how to avoid spam filter and targeting mass list ...
  9. BradyX

    [HAF] Looking for an expert in GSA Website Contact Software

    Hello I am looking for someone who can send out thousands of messages daily using the GSA Website Contact Software It is a long term work and I am looking to hire only someone experienced and who can show previous work samples. If interested, just send me a PM or contact me on skype directly ...

    gmass aging gsuite accounts

    hi there, does anybody know how long it takes a gsuite account to get ready for it's 2k sending limit? Anybody here an expert in using gmass with a gsuite account? down to pay 25$ for good 1h consultation call (junior vips only)
  11. flashsites

    Need massive dating email blast

    Hi I'm aware dating email blasts dont convert well but hoping to get a good number of inital users with a large enough blast. Someone on fiverr from Nigeria wanted to charge me 175 to blast a 150m list. I'm not sure if thats a good price due to low conversion. Do any of you offer this service on...
  12. xcodes


    Email Marketing Solutions. You will get fully configured server with Email panel installed along with SMTP Linked on your own Domain. CUSTOMER REVIEWS :
  13. V

    [Suggest] Cheap VPS for Mass/Bulk Emailing.

    I want to know ur suggestions or if you have an idea on how to go about buying cheap/affordable VPS for mass mailing. I can configure powermta for mass mailing on it. Email list is about 30k to 100k daily (Scraped or Verified) Sometimes emails are spam. Sometimes they are legit depending on...
  14. KJREDDY247@

    Email Marketing-Setup Email Server-onetime setup

    Hello Everybody, I need a simple mail server setup. We need someone to help us setup SMTP server and integrating with any mailer with our existing domains and well configured with all authentications methods like dkim , domain key, spf, sender id, dmarc etc., and help with DNS, rdns, ptr for...
  15. freemann58

    Advice/Help needed for targeted E-Mail spam

    Hi! I hope this is the right forum for posting this. I have a method and a self coded tool that allows me to find out email addresses that are registered on almost any website if it's technically possible for my tool. (no hacking or cracking) the more members the target website has the email...
  16. B

    Postmaster on Outlook

    Dear Black Hatters, At the beging of this month (January 2019) I have bought 1k outlook email accounts. The postmaster (who is a misterious figure that returns all sent mails) was very active but after 1 week, I could send more than 50 accounts after which he apeared again. I ordered 2k outlook...
  17. InstaSwift

    Looking for cold email expert

    Hello, I'm sending 200k - 400k emails per day to a large list scraped from Instagram. The emails are verified using neverbounce. Currently I'm using AWS SES to send the emails. Bounce rate is 0.75% and spam complaints rate < 0.01% Nevertheless all emails to Gmail seem to go directly into the...
  18. DanTe_0101

    Looking for a reliable email data provider

    I am mainly looking for openers/clickers right now but if that data performs good then I'll be buying niche data on regular basis. Looking for a long term partner with good reputation. If you know anyone then pls tag them or let me know. Thank you!
  19. KJREDDY247@

    Bulk Mass Mailing Automation solution Required

    We have a Total of 9 domains Domain1 . com / .net / .org Domain2 . com/ .net / .org Domain3 . com/ .net/ .org ( All .net and .org will get redirected to the main URL.COM ) We have 10 email ids on each .net and .com domain only for mailing (we are not sending any direct emails from .com except...
  20. DanTe_0101

    Which hosts allow email marketing?

    Hi, Looking to try some hosts that allow email marketing on their servers. Anyone know? Thanks
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