1. ripmyfriend

    Free AWS RDPs (8GB Ram and 2 vCPU)- Choose Your Own AMI

    Since I got lots of AWS credits that I am not going to use them anyway. I decided to give away RDPs (EC2 instances) to 20 BHW Members. First come first serve basis. Eligibility: At least 1 month on BHW At least 50+ message count You can run your bots/or automation tools. You will not use...
  2. Alonfill

    Still confused which platform is best for sell aws account free

    Hey fellows. I need your help once again I have so many aws free tier account I want sell these accounts $5 per each But i don't have to much money right now to buy JR VIP package of BHW . It's to much expensive right now for me. I want to know some other platforms where these types of...
  3. TheKingSlayer

    ✅ AWS SLAYER ✅ High Quality Amazon AWS Free Tier Accounts ⭐Affordable Prices ⭐

    Autobuy on our shop here - 100+ DAYS OLD AWS ACCOUNTS ALSO AVAILABLE IN LIMITED SUPPLY TERMS AND CONDITIONS - All sales are final. No refunds are given once the item/service is purchased. 48 Hour Replacement. Limited to 1 per Purchase. PAYMENT METHODS - We...
  4. Alonfill

    Suggest me best platform to sell Aws business Account

    Hi everyone i hope you are feeling well. Sorry for my bad English English is not my native language. I have approx 100 active aws business account for 1 year with $100 dollars Anyone suggest me where i can sell it on bulk and what is the price to sell it Suggest me please i really need it ?
  5. Bloodseeker

    Cheap AWS S3 Alternative (that has an offloading WP plugin available)

    I checked Backblaze B2, and it looked pretty good, but I couldn't find any plugin that supports offloading media to Backblaze B2. Any other affordable cloud storage that has a supported offloading WordPress plugin available too?
  6. Terle

    AWS Educate Starter Account not working anymore?

    I've tried several edu mails of various institutions over the period of 2 months and every time my application was rejected within 2 minutes of registration. Is it patched now? I've tried changing browser instances and ip too. Whcih edu emails are working?
  7. ripmyfriend

    Amazon AWS SES 50K (Simple Email Service) Accounts Available For Sale- Exclusive BHW Discount

    Hello, Marketers Out There, Firstly, I would like to avoid any fancy graphics templates and get them straight to the point. I am selling Amazon AWS SES 50K Accounts (Simple Email Service). What is Amazon SES? Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email...
  8. Misan

    Best Proxy for AWS account ?

    which is the best proxy service for amazon AWS account creation?
  9. Terle

    [AWS] - "Action Required: AWS Account On Hold"

    I created a new AWS Free tier account just 2 days ago. The account is verified by VCC($1 was deducted) and phone number through SMS code. I didn't create any instance. But today I received an email with title "Action Required: AWS Account On Hold". What should I do now? Email content...
  10. accountsdeal

    ✅✅✅ Amazon AWS Accounts⭐⭐ Replacement Guarantee⭐⭐【 Quality Accs 】✅✅✅

  11. Qoins

    AMAZON AWS Free Tier ACCOUNTS | Extremely Affordable Prices

    AMAZON AWS Free Tier ACCOUNTS Details: * Amazon Free tier accounts - 20 Limit, All Regions Unlocked. * Comes with 24 hrs warranty. Price: $12 (Negotiable for Bulk Orders) Payment Method: PayPal / BTC / USDT / Payoneer / Perfect Money / XRP / Other Crypto's - Contact - Skype -...
  12. J

    [Method] AWS SES 50K limit | AWS EC2 mass producing and seliing

    The main point: Create and sell AWS (Amazon web services) accounts that are valued among spammers and traffic managers. AWS SES accounts with an increased sending rate 50,000 emails per day are cery valuable (price on the market starts from $ 250-350). Accounts with a promobalance of $5000 for $...
  13. SonOfJat

    METHOD to Make unlimited proxies at Zero Cost

    One Linux server 16.04 or 18.04 with 1GB RAM is required to create one proxy. You can get this from AWS for free for one year since Linux 16.04 and 18.04 servers are available under AWS free tier. If you need multiple proxies then you can create multiple AWS accounts and create multiple...
  14. A

    BHW under threat? Could it be cancelled like parler & POTUS?

    Politics aside, discussed on bhw are some things that are against the TOS of the big tech companies. I see cloud flare is used, I recall they cancelled 8chan just like aws is doing to parler right now. is bhw under threat?
  15. 2


    FAQs Which locations are active? There are no location restrictions in the accounts. All locations are active. How long can I use the accounts? If you use the free tier, you can use it for 365 days. If you do not use free tier, you can use accounts for 1 month. This period can be 2 months for...
  16. D

    Monetizing loaded AWS accounts - Productive Discussion!

    Dear community, upon trying for the last couple of months I've finally 'advanced' my Amazon AWS method. With the technique I'm creating accounts with $6,500 spendable balance with an average cost per creation of $70. Now comes the hard part: Monetizing these accounts; some ideas I've had...
  17. D

    AWS Credits | AWS promotional Credits | Free Credits Too :)

    AWS Credits For sale Store : All the AWS Credits available and prices at any point will be listed there. Payment options available in store : BTC,LTC,ETH Refund Policy : All Sales are Final. Due to the nature of this service, refund is not possible. Contact...
  18. Rollfic

    Why AWS become so slow and then backs to normal?

    This is the own AWS free tier server, not bought from anywhere. Using it to browse just social platforms and not anything else. Within mins it would start lagging very hard like mouse cursor teleporting. Then when I stop and reboot it becomes normal for some time and then the same issue again...
  19. J

    Need VCC for AWS Verification

    Hello, I need a VCC for AWS verification. Will pay. Please PM ASAP. Thank you!
  20. vcc

    [Free Giveaway] Amazon AWS Verification VCC

    Hello, We have Another Amazing Giveaway Note: This Giveaway Only For BHW Upgraded Members Starting From JV To All Upgraded Members Every Eligible Members Will Get A Free Amazon AWS Verification VCC ( For Non EU Country) Daily 10 Members Will Get The Free VCC Eligibility Requirements: 1...