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    Hey bhw, this thread here is basically made for you guys out there with twitter bot information. I'm currently running a music record label (hip hop). It will eventually convert to an all genre label with time but I'm in need of some advice. What is the best bot I can use to get more retweets and favs. and make it look realistic. I have currently 11,000 real followers so 10 retweets 2/ 3 to 4 favs per tweet is good enough. I once bought followers a year or two ago and was at 24k (huge decrease in numbers right). Also I wouldn't mind purchasing retweets but I don't want many on one tweet to make it noticeable and then I would have to wait to see the retweets come in instead of them coming instantly.

    I hope I'm not typing to much but also I will start a youtube channel for the promotion where I will release music. Any ideas on how to get real views rolling in quick? I'm willing to purchase fake views likes and dislikes. I just really need a to be told as to how to be seen quicker. Leave the content to me I will handle that part. I just need you guys to be the powerhouse behind the content.

    Someone let me know and if you want to work and think you know what will get the job done hmu

    Please please give your best advice. Very much appreciated
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    Skype me steven1mcmurray and I can help you out. I have helped people in the music industry with this and can give real examples.