1. E

    Twitter Growth

    Looking for someone to help me grow my twitter account. I will pay you monthly to make this work if you can. My thoughts is that a bigger account will RT some of my best tweets for exposure, consistently to generate a following over time. I have a folder full of high performing tweets and can...
  2. akash80575

    Indian likes and retweets?

    Anyone providing indian likes and retweets?
  3. RocketFuel

    Fav Site to Buy Real Tweets & Retweets?

    Alot of these sites have come and gone, alot are bs. What's your fav site where you can buy real retweets from real people etc? Thanks!
  4. E

    Twitter Marketing

    Hi, I'd like to create some traffic with Twitter. I have a moment full of Viral Tweets and I've gained a lot of traction with them. I'd like to have constant RT's from a big account. I would pay for a monthly service. If you're interested, please let me know your rates, following and if...
  5. darknight44

    What panel do you use for very fast twitter retweets?

    I ve been funding money in a lot of panels lately just to test out their twitter retweets and all of them are S#!+ . Most of the retweets never came and the ones that did come took at least 14 hours to start. WHATS THE BEST PANEL TO DELIVER RETWEETS WITHIN 1 HOUR?
  6. Scorpion Ghost

    [Giveaway] Twitter Auto Likes and Auto Retweets

    Hey everybody, I dont think i ever saw an auto like and auto retweet giveaway, so let me do one. I'm giving away 30+ auto likes and 30+ auto retweets to your next 10 tweets. Start time is 0-12 hours after you post. That means each member will receive a total of 300+ likes and 300+ retweets...
  7. G

    Seeking Specialized Social Media Marketer

    Hello! I work for a media company that is in need of someone who can provide the following: - Followers to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The followers should be from the U.S. and Western Europe only. - Regular engagement on posts to these FB, Twitter, & IG pages. Specifically, what...
  8. forwardedlandlines

    Looking for partner for AutoRetweets business

    Hello entrepreneur, AutoRTS is a business for customers who want to boost their brand image on Twitter. Usually they buy fake followers to look bigger, but their tweets remain unretweeted/unliked. The service I offer is tweet boosting when the customer tweets a message. The retweets/likes get...
  9. D

    How to build a fanbase off a twitter dominator

    I'm an upcoming artist and I really need some help trying to setup a campaign for building a solid fanbase on twitter trying to get the followers up and hopefully I can work my way up to like Facebook and Instagram
  10. Jalalctg

    Day 5 - Twitter Retweets - Giveaway

    Hello everybody! As mentioned in previous giveaways, I am the owner of an SMM panel and would like to do a series of giveaways for two full weeks to kick off my journey in BHW. DAY 5 - Twitter Retweets Ill be giving away 100 Twitter retweets to the first 15 people to reply to this thread...
  11. DEADZ

    Building Up VIRAL Twitter Accounts For Free/Cheap V. 2017 - DEADZ

  12. john17nider

    Get Twitter retweets and likes starting from 4$ only

  13. flicker_hum

    25+ in 10 tweetdeck

    - No Promo/Ad Tweets - Sides Allowed PM @slxng on Telegram if you have Twitter accounts that can get 25 combined likes and retweets in 10 minutes or close to it. Don't try to fake your activity because they can tell. @slxng is the one who made "Superdeck" last year that was pulling over 400+ a...
  14. GiftGuru

    You tweet some things for me... I mass RT and FAV everything your account...

    I have thousands of aged accounts that I use to RT and FAV I have had this system now for 6 years. Last week I set up a Donald Trump "news blog" called Donald Trump Leak (I bought the WP site brand new off of Flippa) the site is It basically is a Trump google news...
  15. S

    Is Twitter completely dead?

    Is anyone here able to generate traffic right now from Twitter? Hundreds of 3 year old aged accounts getting ghosted, locked, blocked and some can't even follow manually as a human being without using any bots. Since May it has been impossible to do anything there. Their ads system is pure...
  16. Jason Starkey

    Quick $! Need Retweets!

    Honestly, I am too lazy right now to mess with this, and so I figured that this would be a great opportunity to establish some BHW trust! Bottom line, a friend needs some retweets. Around 1000 in all. I need them staggered out over a 36 hour period starting in about an hour, or soon...
  17. MissAva

    Looking for Adult Retweeters

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of the bigger Adult Twitter Accounts could help out with some Twitter Retweets for me? PM me with how I can contact you. (I'm sitting just under 6k myself, so not a newbie) Thanks
  18. K

    Looking for a tweetdeck

    Hey guys, I'm looking to join a tweetdeck if anyone has one please pm me! My stats for march:
  19. J

    Need Retweets & Engagement on Twitter account.

    Hello All, My client has a twitter account, on which he wants real time engagement (retweets, likes, conversation etc., with only REAL FOLLOWERS) now this is a monthly job, and I will prefer someone from US, and Social Media expert in Monthly job to manage the things. NO SEO required, only...
  20. E

    Twitter Accounts & Retweets

    I'm looking to buy Twitter Accounts in the fashion niche or also Retweets. I'm looking for the demographic between about 15 and 30. If anyone has this available, please let me know. Thank You!`
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