You tweet some things for me... I mass RT and FAV everything your account...

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    I have thousands of aged accounts that I use to RT and FAV

    I have had this system now for 6 years.

    Last week I set up a Donald Trump "news blog" called Donald Trump Leak (I bought the WP site brand new off of Flippa) the site is

    It basically is a Trump google news posting site. Nothing special, nothing original.

    In its first 4 days it got over 30,000 hits from twitter as I was tweeting every new post and backing it up with about 800 RT's.... so every tweet was landing in the top 3 tweets about Trump and people LOVE to weigh in on him. Good or bad.

    Well... twitter has been ghosting my account and I haven't been able to shake them. The site is only a week old and instead of using VPS's and all that crap I think if I just JV with someone that would be better.

    I'm thinking if I partner with someone here that has established accounts that have been tweeting for awhile... you throw me in your tweet rotation for a dozen or so tweets per day off my WP blog.... I RT everything in your timeline.

    If you are good at twitter (know how to utilize hashtags) you know what can happen.

    If all goes well and we are rolling or you have many accounts you would like to use... I am doing well with Uber/Lyft sign ups, I would like to diversify and throw some tweets on other accounts you have as well for a few Uber/Lyft promo code sign up tweets.

    If you are interested PM, reply here or skype me at JVidmar