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    I have questions about botting MMORPGs. If any of you have experience then I would love to hear your thoughts. I have been programming since I was about thirteen so it should not be very hard to create a bot for most online games. I read an article on here recently on picking up new releases and trying to bot them while the game is new and items still are expensive then sell the currency for real money after waiting a bit. Is any of this lucrative? If so, is it still lucrative if you only have one machine that can bot? If not, how many machines would you need?

    Now for a more specific question. Could you bot CS:GO? If you could, could you farm skins/items then sell them on the huge marketplace that has become of csgo? Also would this be lucrative? (ps. I dont play csgo but have heard about the money people spend on it)

    Thank you for your time.
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    If you want to get into MMO real money trading. you will need to have some serious coding skills
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    I swear I'm not hacker
    If you are good, you can create a bot for X game and then promote it.
    If not, buy a bot, use cavebot in the game, win/make coins on X game and then sell the coins for real money.
    Easy, but too much time to dedicate.

    If you have a bot in CS:GO you can boost people.
    People will pay you the boost if you have hacks, because they know that they will win fast and they will upgrade their rank fast. And believe me, they pay very good.

    And yes, people is spending a lot of people in CS:GO, boxes, casino, guns, knives, gloves........

    I hope it helped you
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    I used to develop bots for some mmorpg and even develop emulators for some online games. I can tell you that spend 200+ hours on a bot is not worth it. You can bot csgo but they will ban you. Their bot detection is advanced and you will get caught. Also, CSGO is a shit example of a mmorpg, you should start scanning games that have no or little hack protection and start there. FPS bots are the most popular, but it's harder work and more competition for the same type of hacks. It might be better to just offer tips, tricks, tutorials, and offer to do the hack for people on a personal level. That way you make more money doing less, with the ability to sell more to others.