1. V

    Virtual Machine Configuration?

    So, i just got into botting on mmorpg, and the guy that i bought my bot for say, it's better if i buy their package which including proxy, and VM's configuration. what is this VM's configuration?, is it really usefull in botting?, or i'm just getting duped?
  2. kaiitechonline

    Looking for someone insteresed making Gamemarket (Whitehot Way)

    I need person who have full knowledge website development full stock. Let's discuss more details in skype. Summary Project I wanted: People who sell there game account online, interested buyer will go shop in the site, have middle man system inside(I prefer p2p system like binance and other...
  3. bape_

    Modder/Exploiter For Online Multiplayer Games Wanted

    if you know how to exploit online multiplayer games I am looking for a undetectable trainer for a game called: Mabinogi If you know how to make mods, scripts that inject into online games, that are also undetectable, let me know cuz i wanna hire you i want to cheat in this online game but i...
  4. noxiop

    Botting MMORPGs

    I have questions about botting MMORPGs. If any of you have experience then I would love to hear your thoughts. I have been programming since I was about thirteen so it should not be very hard to create a bot for most online games. I read an article on here recently on picking up new releases...
  5. K

    mmoga success??

    is anyone really successful with mmoga website?? I'm talking about the affiliate system.
  6. Shadexpwn

    Make Money Chat Spamming within Runescape

    Here is a method which works wonders for gold farmers, sellers and resellers of gold with a unique twist. If you want money this will get you tier 1 traffic and a slight bit of tier 2 and 3. - Set up a giveaway page or Youtube video offering something in exchange for a survey. - Obtain an...
  7. B

    MMORPG Gold Reseller Programs

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any MMO games that have proper reseller programs (as opposed to affiliate programs). I notice there are hundreds of WoW Gold sites that appear to be almost identical apart from the layout and design. They all sell the exact same services for the same price...
  8. R

    Selling Virtual Items (WOW)

    I recently tried selling my top high level character in World of Warcraft. I had a lot of offer and but a few met my quota. They offered $600-800 USD. I had the first one paid me through paypal. We went through the natural process as to talking to each other over the phone, IP track, and further...
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