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May 8, 2022
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I've seen some guys making up to $200 daily on CPA marketing but barely see blogger make such
what's the way forward?
Well both of this has advantages and disavantages .For example with cpa you can make money from first or second month but if you dont work continuos your income will die .On the other way with bloging you can work 1 year and no income but if it ranks then it will make you money on autopilot without doing nothing for a long period of time
Well! I think blogging is OK if you are long sighted as you will get going good on the long run. But CPA would give you quick returns which you can use to scale up other businesses.

To cap it, you just have to put in the work in both.
200$ daily on CPA is not an easy task, blogging its also not an easy task to scale into that range. My best advice is to combine both if you are new into both, if you have experience with one of them, than the advice would be to scale what are you doing into that range. In my experience 200$ daily can be reached with 1 year of good work in both of them.
You can do CPA marketing using your blog . but blogging takes time and you need to stay hard
CPA is very unstable for earning money, making $200 per day you have to do hard work for that
Depending on your methods, both can be very profitable. It's the timeframe that you're looking out for. For blogs, establishing a good blog with very solid foundations will make money for you on autopilot.
Where did you see that? youtube, cpa course.
Those are fake where else?
Bloggers make more. That 200/day is just for some days and it dries up, blogging makes more per day if you average over the years.
Bloggers make more. That 200/day is just for some days and it dries up, blogging makes more per day if you average over the years.
But it takes months or even years to accomplish that In blogging
My idea is to combine them, not compete. As we've seen, blogging is typically pretty under-monetised, making $30-50/1k views. Plus, most bloggers don't target high-ticket CPA offers or collect the leads or opt-ins properly. If you can crack that and pitch your CPA offers right, it's a beautiful combo to make passive money.
But it takes months or even years to accomplish that In blogging
It could take months to accomplish that with CPA too.

The problem is CPA requires active work hours all the time, while blogging becomes mostly passive after a while.

And if you automate CPA, you can also automate blogging. Look at people automating blogging in this forum, they make more than the ones automating CPA.

I think CPA is good for beginners to start, but later you need more sustainable source of income.

Some people have good results in CPA with paid ads or media buying, but only after years of experience and good budgets, but you can achieve the same results with blogging using less money.
CPA is tough because it is no hard to get easy rank and PPC arbitrage died years ago. Blogging can be fun if you are writing about topics you actually enjoy and are building an organic base with some BH acceleration. If you are writing about content based on profitable keywords that have low (or less) competition... it's a grind! The profitable keywords are hard to rank for and in the end, the content has to be good along with good images and engagement. So you can't just do keyword research, buy content, throw SEO at it, and profit (the good old days, just outsource each step). TOday, to make $ blogging (getting traffic and good reputation for ads revenue), you have to "do all the things" including social media cross-platform linking and it becomes a royal pain in the end. Most of the links do not give you link juice, but they help with the engagement scores that drives up ad reveue.
Blogging takes time and dedication to be profitable. You just have to find a working method with CPA marketing.
I think you need to do what you like best, then the result will be much better. You will invest more time, money and grow. If you're at a crossroads, this is a good time to start doing what you love.
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