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BlackHat ASO in 2017

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Neo Matrix, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Neo Matrix

    Neo Matrix Newbie

    Mar 1, 2017
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    Hello everyone

    I currently started reskining apps as i believe reskining cannot die and im looking for some ASO strategies, including BlackHat ASO.
    Would anyone advice me where i can find these informations, iv been looking for it on google and youtube but i only found BlackHat SEO for Websites.

    Thank you
  2. Alex Brown

    Alex Brown Marketplace seller Marketplace seller

    Nov 11, 2016
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    App promotion with keyword installs
    Home Page:
    App Store Optimization is the process of ranking highly in the app store’s search query results. ASO marketers and mobile marketing companies consider that high rank in search results will increase downloads of your app. You should follow these steps to optimize your app for mobile app store. There is some rules that will help you to improve your ASO:

    · First, you should pay attention to the keyword research in such services as AppAnnie, ASOdesk, SensorTower. You have to choose the right keyword, be wise and select it if you can compete with other apps which use it

    · Those who will read your app description are real humans, so don’t stuff it only with keywords

    · Your app’s title should be memorable, it must involve your chief keywords

    · Screenshots of your app must attract attention. So don’t take simple shots, make them shine! Don’t let that part of your app page become boring.

    · Your app trailer should be both informative and entertaining. It can show not only the purpose of your app but also creativity of the developers

    · Try to reply negative reviews as fast as you can at appstore and highlight positive ones

    · Your app logo is the first thing which potential users see scrolling appstore. So try to make it more noticeable

    · The category you choose for your app will determine your ranking in special area in the appstore. And it gives your potential users a better understanding of your app options

    · Keep an eye on your competitors, you might be missing something

    · If you want to put a price to your app, put only those that make sense, cause there are a lot of free apps. If you have already decided to make paid app, don’t forget to make special offers to your users to stimulate them buy your product

    · Keep in mind that appstores in different countries require separate keyword research, try to include local phrases, slang.
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