1. Luca Jones

    ✅ ⚡ Buy Android Promos - Installs │Ratings│Custom Reviews│Boost Your Mobile Game/App │ If Reviews Dont Stick, We Will Refund...

    Hello BHW - Today we are launching our new service to boost up your android app ➡ PromoteMy.App. Have a new starter app? Have a new game that you uploaded on the play store but did not get a single download or review? Then we are offering our new services to boost up your android app or game...
  2. S

    Is aso dead?

    I've been doing my researching and seeing conflicting info on rather aso is still relevant within the app space or not. If so what other ways can you promote your app on a low budget?
  3. M

    Keyword search volume on play store

    Hi all do u have any free tool to check keyword search volume on googe play store? thank you
  4. r3L4x

    Question about Google Play icon?

    Hello, I have one question, as I did not find any info about this. Can I have one icon in google play and other icon in app? Icons are basically same, just one have more effects. The thing is that on one of my projects I bought script and they made app for my, but if I want to change icon...
  5. r3L4x

    In 2020 Google Play keywords not so important? Algorithm Update?

    Hello, one of my apps 3 years old started losing rank. Tested on few tools, my keywords are in basically same rank, but my app dropped a lot in category. So I started to search for new keywords, 3 days now I'm spying on top new trending apps keywords. Note that I'm no spying old branded apps...
  6. brank87

    Email subscribers for iOS App Reviews

    Guys, is it ok to email iOS subscribers asking them to leave a review in the App Store? (without offering incentives, of course). Thanks!
  7. r3L4x

    Google Play app best ranking in low tear countries why?

    Hello, I remember old times 3 - 4 years back when all my apps mostly ranked in usa. 2019 - 2020 after uploading new apps they basically all rank in lowers tear countries. Or I'm alone getting this result? Cannot understand why, I know that I can turn off that countries, but after this I will...
  8. all_rock

    App index problem google play

    Hello guys, My app is visible at 150th rank on my keyword some times. And it disappear after a certain time. I don't understand this because not a competitive word. I made ASO but app is 1 month old and it took only 20 installs. What can I do differently? Thanks.
  9. S

    Need a ASO Specialist to get more app downloads (android/ios)

    Hi I am in need of a ASO specialist to get my app ranking on better keywords. Need way more downloads on my apps for android and ios. let me know if you can do this.
  10. Leader777

    Any Advice About My Android App

    I started an android App Back in FEB and it's growing slowly and getting good ranks each day ( i got it from #147 to #37, my goal is to rank it at least #10 or why not #1. I have competitors that have 1million installs and a lot of reviews , the person ranking in #10 got 50k+ installs and 4k...
  11. C

    ASO questions

    Hello guys, I'm currently developing hyper casual game and plan to release it in a following few months due to thing that I'm working alone and finishing up college. It's going to be a simple endless runner with admob and maybe some IAP, ad rewards, etc. I've been reading a lot on the internet...
  12. F

    How can I find all the keywords my app is ranked for playstore

    Hi I have several app on play store. What tool can I use to see all the keywords that my app is ranked for?
  13. Sanjuwa

    Yes App Store Optimization

    I have a app in play store which has a unique name. Name is in the app title and descriptions. But It doesn't show up in play store search for that exact name. What can I do ?
  14. santhej

    [Journey]$100/Day From Android Apps In 3 Months

    I have been into app business before and did make a nice amount from it. However I did leave the industry almost 2 years ago, after I was fed up with account bans from Google Play. For the past 2 years I focused on my other business which is generating a stable income now. As of now I have the...
  15. SugarChat

    Low price with ASO source, but don't know how to find customers.

    I own ASO source in affordable price, but don't know how to find customers. If you can introduce, just let me know.
  16. virtualbyron

    $1,5M Mobile Game > Road to 50M Downloads

    Two years ago with my friends, we started a video game studio. Project details We finished the final beta test and will release the game in a week at the Devcom, Germany It's a multiplayer real-time strategic mobile game developed on unity by a team of 10 people We plan to monetize it with...
  17. B

    me binshad. Digital marketing professional from kerala, kochi

    Hi Team, I'm Binshad IT Proffessional with 12 years of experience specializing IT business development for international companies. I can implement effective strategies at local and global levels. My greatest strength is business awareness, which enables me to bulding campaigns and brands from...
  18. W

    How to make the App Store Top/Trending lists?

    What does it take to make the App Store Top/Trending list? Specifically, I'd like to know how many downloads it takes and over what period of time (eg, 200 downloads in 24 hrs, etc). Does anyone know or have experience with this?
  19. S

    How get installs from shortened searchs?

    Hello, I ear that some people is getting installs firing fake searchs of it's app and next by some unknow method by me, do the user install the app. more clear: => google play search results of kw "my app name" per example The user see the app page and not the results page This...
  20. Lukmat

    Google Play - ASO Services - Don't have organic installs or your monetization is not effective?

    Have problem with your apps? Don't have organic installs or your monetization is not effective? Do you plan to earn money with Android apps and don't know what to do? Ask me! I have 8 years experience with Android developement, Google Play (previously Android Market), ad networks and getting...