1. N

    Your thoughts on reskining this app?

    Hey guys, I was doing my research and found this app which looks like a great opportunity. Very simple app with just a bunch of magic trick videos that can be taken from some youtube channel for free. This simple app makes 60k a month according to dataplazma! What roadblocks will I...
  2. M

    who am I?

    Yo folks, This is Abdel with over 2years experience on google play, I've been building and publishing both apps & games to google play since 2k16. I've spent one entire year doing nothing but studying google algorithm.. and beleive me its crazy, you ll never get to the buttom of it BUUUUUUUT...
  3. J

    Need help about multiple account google publisher.

    Hi, I'm a beginner in reskin and I do my best to learn and make a good applications, but the problem is I got a lot of suspends, and I want to know a good method to open a Google console publisher, I tried open in virtual machine, but maybe I forgot something. Please help me, and if someone...
  4. Yasser Addadi

    My journey With Google Play Since 2015

    I made this post for all the reskinners to share their Informations, results and solutions with the new onces in this field, and starting with me I'll share all my knowledge and also my results with the aim of assisting the other new members. Feel free to ask, and I wish that we could talk more...
  5. gaviotta1

    Admob and adsense BANNED

    Hello i don't know if anyone has experienced this these couple of days but there is a collective adsense and admob ban like yesterday and today like more than 20 person who mostly work in apps and games reskinning and are from the same country got there acounts banned Is it just here in my...
  6. medaguili10

    How can I find a profitable niche on Google Play?

    Hello guys i'm starting a re-skinning apps business ( i"m not planing to stick in it ) ; i have made 4 apps till now , but it gave me nothing , 1$ in ad-mob a week ( sucks ) , so i want to know how can i find a good/profitable niche to work on it ?!
  7. Y


    What are the best websites and the cheapest to buy installs?
  8. Prooosma

    [Journey] Reskinning apps with reverse engineering for 100$/day

    So I started Reskinning apps for almost 6 months now but I wasn't really into it, and now I want to open this journey about is to motivate me or maybe motivate others... If anyone has any informations to help me you are welcome to help me and also help others who are interested. With all the...
  9. Prooosma

    BlackHat ASO

    Hello guys! with no further talk, I've seen this app in the google play store for a while now and I kept wondering how he tricked google play and passed an illegal keyword in the title and description and an illegal Icon... the app called: Tutuapp, google it in google play store and you'll find...
  10. R

    suggestion site code source of apps

    Hello my friends ! i start work in reskin of apps android, and i would like to know other sites that i can download premium code source of apps for free like codelist or reskincode ! thanks a lot my frineds :)
  11. Archikan

    Reskinning android apps, Moroccan journey to 150$/day by January 2018

    Helloo Guys ♥ First, sorry for English, I am not native speaker, but im gonna try to be better in the future :) Its my first journey, & my first post too, I have now 2 Google Play accounts with 10-12 apps per account, with a 20-30$ revenue per day GOALS: - Upload in Google Play Store 60...
  12. Speppo

    App Reskin Service

    Hi guys, i'm looking for a serious guy with portfolio to reskin an Android Game
  13. assiri


    Hi everyone ... Can You Help me Please i have i problem : i upload a guide app on playstore but it was rejected i d'ont now why ?? thanks
  14. Neo Matrix

    BlackHat ASO in 2017

    Hello everyone I currently started reskining apps as i believe reskining cannot die and im looking for some ASO strategies, including BlackHat ASO. Would anyone advice me where i can find these informations, iv been looking for it on google and youtube but i only found BlackHat SEO for...
  15. amazighi007

    Google Play improves discovery to focus on engagement over downloads

    Google Play has tweaked its discovery algorithms to focus more on user engagement over download numbers to help smaller games earn more attention. The move comes along with a series of improvements to the store announced at GDC 2017. Paul Bankhead, Director of Product Management at Google...
  16. C

    circumventing Google

    please i have a question , as we all know that putting pictures or names of famous personalitties is Forbidden in google policy , but i saw many application in google play use those keywords and pictures , how they do that , i tried that once but they didn't accept my app :/ , would you do me...
  17. aminiabdou

    My journey in reskin :30$ a DAY

    Hi, i'm starting my journey in reskinning apps and reposting them in google play with adding admob code to earn from ads SO that's the IDEA First, let’s lay out what reskinning is: it’s concept of taking a template or source code of an app, repackaging the graphics, inserting them back into the...
  18. T

    need to buy google developer account

    Hi guys i want to buy google developer account I hope i find someone with a good price to work for a long term
  19. L

    Is App Reskinning Dead? Is App Reskinning Still Profitable?

    We can still make money reskin apps ??