Best AdSense friendly content generators/scrapers??

AdSense and Google friendly content generators/scrapers??

  • Caffeinated Content

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  • WP VideoTube

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  • Autoblogged

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  • Unique article Wizard

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  • WP Robot

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  • WP mixer

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  • Yet Another Autoblogger

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  • Blogsense-WP

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  • WP-o-matic

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  • Autoblogged

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Feb 22, 2009
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Content Generators/Scrapers

  • Caffeinated Content - Version 3.35 Works well. Can not post Yahoo Answers.
  • WP VideoTube - Get videos from YouTube, along with comments.
  • Autoblogged - The best Autoblogging plugin, in my opinion. Can generate content from various searches, as well as, add content from feeds.
  • Unique article Wizard - Get articles to your blogs, not preferred for Micro Niches.
  • WP Robot - Fetch content from various sources, incl. youtube, yahoo answers, clickbank, ebay or amazon, on a regular interval.
  • WP mixer - Fetch article, video and image - all in one single post.
  • Yet Another Autoblogger - not sure about this. FREE plugin. But, haven't checked it yet.
  • Blogsense-WP - In release. By a BHW member. Complete autoblogging solution, as per the author.

Feed Fetchers

  • WP-o-matic - the best feed fetcher there is, after autoblogged.
  • Autoblogged - one of the best content plugins. can fetch a feed as well as content from searches.
There are about 135 posts in the thread I quote'd the text above from; I'm quite lost so I decided to make a poll.

Please vote! : )
And also mention what you've voted for, Why, and if you're using any content rewriters.
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i use one that wasn't in your list'quick article pro' it works similar to unique article wizard it scrapes content about a keyword you type in it.
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