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    Question about Landing Pages

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone helps out with landing pages in the hacks/fake generator gaming niche? Thank you in advance! :D
  2. C

    Fake Generetors for PPD

    Promote these Fake Generators Via youtube or other ways on a site to make money on PPD Sites like Sharecash. Contents: Runescape Membership Generator v1.3 Facebook Auto Cracker Amazon Gift Card Generator v2.1 Download:!xhMGhQTQ!9GTTCysYckAjEXtnJbL_YPE5hO4mmK7x3TabQL2CzhE
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    Free PPC Campaign Generator?? Is There A Good One?!

    Hi, hopefully this isn't a repost from hell, but if I could just get a few options for FREE PPC Campaign Generators that I can build on for adwords and yahoo, that would be GREAT! Thank you! -Jesse
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    CPA Vs PPD Network Scale It

    hey blackhaters, So I am doing youtube + CPA on AWM and made some good Money. I hate it to live in fear of my AWM acc getting banned ! (yeah i know AWM want bann you for Generators but i simply want some Network which allows it officially) So if anyone can give me some good ppd or cpa networks...
  5. D

    Avira Verification Code generator?

    Hi there Apologies if i have posted in the wrong section, as i'm new here. :) So, i have been trying to find a working key code for A.V.I.R.A antivirus premium. I have googled but had no joy (codes expired) and many sites want me to download programmes that i do not trust. If any experienced...
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    Best AdSense friendly content generators/scrapers??

    There are about 135 posts in the thread I quote'd the text above from; I'm quite lost so I decided to make a poll. Please vote! : ) And also mention what you've voted for, Why, and if you're using any content rewriters.
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