Attn web designers: How to make the internet work for you!

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    Work on you incoming links. Contact websites that may be interested in your products and ask them if they would like to trade links. Pay to submit your sites to directories.

    There is no one simple solution, getting good rankings takes alot of manually making it happen, manually linking your websites.

    Its all really simple. The world wide web is a bunch of websites connected together, the more links that you have the better the opportunity web crawlers will find you.

    The serps work on a bit of a voting system, the more quality the links are, the better your opportunity to make it into the serps.

    Do press releases when a new product or website is released, hype it up. There are plenty of press release sites out there.

    Blog like crazy about your products and websites. Remember: People want "useful information" that is provided by quality content. It always comes down to quality content!

    You could have a shitty 1 page website, but if you have quality content and you can convey a message you will get your point across.

    Create a "how to" section within every website, a step by step tutorial on how to use your product. It always comes down to useful information! When in doubt, I always say; just provide useful information. Thats your job. Thats your job before pretty graphics and dynamic webpages!

    Way to much time is spent on fancy/expensive webpages. Time is better spent writing content and doing research on topics that will help people. Good information is not free. Seems most of my time on the internet is spent sorting through alot of trash information.

    *Create quality content that people can find, and the rest will automatically happen.

    Business ideals have been the same since the beginning of time, the fundamentals will never change.

    Most people over rate themselves. It's all really simple.