and how is Internet Marketing Passive again lol

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    So I'm pretty much dedicated to E-Commerce since I HAVE had good results with it but I always have this thought in the back of my head about starting up a few Affiliate Marketing websites for Digital products so I could have had them building up in the long rum but can't seem to bring myself to it because of all the work that is needed throughout the site's lifetime(aside from the obvious updating the content when you get new products).I understand upkeep but adding a post a day to a niche site can only have so much info on it before it just becomes one big spam rambling overload.Like how is updating your site with a post even if it's just 300 words a day considered beneficial to anybody whether they are subscribers or new users?I always thought it was quality not quantity.So my question to you guys is do you truly consider your work "passive income" to your definition and do you actually see your websites lasting you for years?

    I DO give you guys props as it's a got darn lie that everybody is cut out for Internet Marketing,Writing 500 word articles on my website for products I've never used ON TOP of getting the traffic long enough to make a safe living off of it is work that some people probably including myself are just not cut out for.