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An Online Tool To Find Web Development And SEO Clients?(Prototype Tool Needs Your Input)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by johnrogers75, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. johnrogers75

    johnrogers75 Newbie

    Jan 15, 2012
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    Hello Black Hatters,

    I recently decided to make some extra money freelancing my web development and programming skills and was looking for a way to find clients. I set up email alerts for CL and other job posting sites as well as spamming out messages on freelance websites(even though I know it is a very tough market). When reading up on how others had solved this problem of getting off the ground I read some interesting advice for the search. The post recommended going into Google Maps and looking at the websites of local businesses to see which ones weren't responsive(which can be an easy sell as half of all web traffic is mobile nowadays), loaded slowly, had poor search results etc. As I started clicking around and bookmarking potential leads I realized that it was taking a ton of time to even build a small list of leads.

    I wondered if anyone had built a tool to automatically search through sites by area to find business websites with the above problems. I figured it would be an easy way generate an effective lead list to jumpstart a dev agency, get more work for a freelancer, or grow an existing web development or design business.

    After a few hours of searching and not finding anything that solved the problem I decided to built it myself. I whipped up something useful in a weekend using Ruby on Rails and started building lead lists with the intention of distributing them to some friends of mine who have sales experience and would work for commission(I'm terrible at cold calls so I needed the help). The tool pulls in business names, emails, websites, addresses and phone numbers then checks whether the business website is responsive. If it isn't responsive(potential client!) it does further analysis for site speed, mobile usability, and page rank. It is currently in a half finished state but I have already made a chunk of money using it for only a couple weeks. Someone who could cold call/email themselves would be able to make even more than I am by selling white-label dev services or SEO.

    My question for you guys is: does this kind of tool have any value to you or your business?

    I'm not trying to sell you anything or wow you with my sales numbers from this "magic tool"(I have gotten a couple responsive design clients but i started with none so I consider it a big step). I am considering putting in time to rebuild it and make it much faster, easier to use, and prettier but I would like to hear from you guys whether or not this is something that you would use to help find paying clients for Web Development and SEO services.

    Also if you think this is a good idea feel free to help me brainstorm names for it! So far it is just called "Lead Builder"(but that isn't very sexy)
  2. uristjack

    uristjack Junior Member

    Feb 26, 2015
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    Well yeah, it would be pretty useful.

    Need a name? Ideally you want something brandable.
    How about:
    • Client Compass
    • Lead Pipe
    • Emptor (from Latin for buyer)
    • Web Funnel Spider (WFS for short)
    • Infundibulum (Latin for funnel) (yes I do like my Latin :))
    • Lead Liner
    • Herus (Latin for master of house i.e. business owner)
    If you want help with branding, marketing, copy-writing, PM me. I'd be willing to help (for a price).