1. Azuolas

    ⚡⚡⚡Launch your SaaS Business with Installation & Support | 50+ Ready-to-Use SaaS Niches List to Choose [20% OFF]⚡⚡⚡

  2. KHR

    SaaS Founder || Are you Involved in the SaaS Business?

    Hey BHW, I'm curious to know how many of you are SaaS founders or professionals working in a SaaS company. It would be great to connect with like-minded individuals who are involved in the SaaS industry. If you're a SaaS founder or part of a SaaS company, please feel free to share a bit about...
  3. KHR

    Proposal for a "SaaS" Subforum on Blackhatworld

    Greetings BHW Members & @Diamond Damien, I propose to open a new subforum dedicated to Software as a Service (SaaS) discussions. Given its growing importance and profitability in the digital marketplace, a SaaS-specific space could be incredibly beneficial for us all. Why a SaaS Subforum...
  4. W

    PerfectPanel similar SaaS?

    I have a project (not related to smm) I want to start and I need a service that has all these functionalities: - Customer Login / Sign up - Services List (or product list) - New Order - Tickets - Funds, with different payment methods I can plug in (I don't want to pay for each order but I'd...
  5. J

    Launching a SaaS Targeting Businesses as an Individual Without a Registered Company

    Hey guys! I'm planning to launch a SaaS platform targeting businesses, but I'm facing a dilemma. My platform requires users to upload documents such as invoices, and I'm doing this as an individual without a registered business entity. Here are my main concerns: -Feasibility: Is it practical to...
  6. AustinArmstrong

    Which new SaaS product did you start using this year that you now can't live without?

    Image taken from Thedigialkinggg AI is your friend. These tools will save you time, money and help you to be WAY more productive!
  7. AppleTrade


    Hello, I've been running a SaaS and have recently implemented an affiliate system. I'm seeking insights from people who manage platforms (like SaaS, SEO, agencies, etc.) and engage with affiliates. How do you successfully identify and recruit high-quality affiliates for your platform?
  8. AustinArmstrong

    Would you create an AI clone of yourself if it meant you didn't have to be on camera and could create videos easier?

    Very often, deep fake videos of myself outperform my regular videos on social media! One recently did 3 million views on Instagram! These videos are almost entirely AI generated without needing me to be on camera. I made it in my bed, and it took me ~10 minutes. Should this make me mad that AI...
  9. AustinArmstrong

    Prediction about SaaS and AI

    Here's a prediction: In the next 5 years, SaaS and AI will become so intertwined that it will be impossible to separate them. Every SaaS product will be powered by AI, and every AI product will be delivered as a SaaS. What's your prediction?
  10. AppleTrade

    Where do you find Affiliates?

    Hello, I've been running a SaaS and have recently implemented an affiliate system. I'm seeking insights from people who manage platforms (like SaaS, SEO, agencies, etc.) and engage with affiliates. How do you successfully identify and recruit high-quality affiliates for your platform?
  11. sscaz

    How I Made $75,000 in 4 Months with 2 Projects (Proof of Earnings Included)

    Passive Income E-Book This is a thread related to my e-book, with methods and strategies that are too valuable to share for free and would become saturated if I did. As proof, 4 months ago, I started 2 new projects while writing this e-book, and as of the day I write this (3rd November 2023)...
  12. sgsgsg2323

    My SaaS your traffic

    Hello Im the founder of one of the most useful and problem solving software. Im bootstrapped and trying to reach as big audiances as possible. Tool sells itself- lets spread the word together. Plans from 80-800$ per month Get 35% of recurring revenue. If interested hit me up. No time...
  13. StarKrypt

    SaaS Business: Startup Cost, General Internet Marketing Strategies, Top SaaS business niche + White Label SaaS

    Hi BlackHatWorld Forum Viewers! I'm StarKrypt, Let's move through the introduction (you can skip this)! # SaaS Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. Common examples are email, calendaring, and office tools (such as Microsoft...
  14. GreenFog

    [SaaS Journey] First B2B SaaS

    Hi. This thread's main purpose is to hold myself accountable regarding this project. I hope to update this thread at least once a week. If I don't achieve this I'm a pussy bitch. Anyone who's (or had been) on a similar journey can come share some ideas or tips. Objective: Launching a B2B SaaS...
  15. S

    im software engineer , focused on reverse engineering

    hi , im 7 years experience developer , who loves creating value ! i love reverse engineering , building useful softs and. currently working on instagram and built email and sms registration + all new endpoints and features for instagram i had experience in building and maintaining SaaS , big...
  16. Software Monster

    ★★ 189$ UNVEILING SaaS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICE ★★ ReadyMade & Custom Web Application ⚡⚡ Discount Available ⚡⚡

    THERE ARE SAMPLES AND DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE JUST WRITE SAMPLES AND DISCOUNTS Contact Us: Website: Email: [email protected] WhatsApp: +8801705518133 Skype: live:.cid.2f20d16d001abca2 Telegram: @techtuneit
  17. saas_BHW-min.jpg


    Unveiling our SaaS software development service At unbeatable prices Catering to all platform software needs with awe-inspiring front-end designs Super Admin panel, and Dashboard.
  18. speedie

    Is PayOP useful for subscription payment?

    Hey guys Does PayOP have the feature like subscription so that customer can subscribe toa software product or subscription service? Anyone ever tried this? I didn't see this feature tho but looks like they might be supporting recurring invoice tho. What's your experience?
  19. Ilkbam

    [Journey] Launching a micro-SaaS and getting $

    Hello guys, I don't post often here but I will do this post to get some motivation, I have been reading a lot about SaaS businesses online. I never saw a post about SaaS businesses here, they are quite lucrative and not "shady" Ok, so what is a SaaS? It's an online product that people pay for...
  20. Mr.SaaS

    Kickstarting Your SaaS Journey in 2023: Code, No-Code or Hiring Pros? [My Journey]

    I Love SaaS. The allure of starting a SaaS business is more compelling than ever. With its recurring revenue model and potential for high revenue multiples upon exit, SaaS is arguably one of the most worthwhile businesses to start. Just look at this example...
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