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  1. luthful2

    How to Image alt attribute ?

    How can I multi Image alt tag attribute in one time ?
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  5. aamiramin

    How to Create a Free WordPress Site and Get Free Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

    How to Create a Free WordPress Site and Get Free Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners Short Intro: Learn how to create a free WordPress site and get free hosting with this comprehensive guide for beginners. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips for optimizing your site for...
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  9. ginoootje

    Web development process management question

    Hi everyone, sorry for the weird title I can't really ask or explain this in one sentence so I will do it here, I'm creating a website which is a resume of myself, and there is of course a lot to do to have it finished. The question is, well lets say I have for example 32 pages to finish...
  10. K

    [JV] Our Digital Agency + Your Lead Generation

    Hello, We are a digital agency specializing in SMM, SEO, PPC, Web Development, and Design. Currently, we have a couple of customers but are looking into ways to expand. We are always looking for new talents to bring to the team. We will pay you a commission for each paying customer you bring...
  11. noellarkin

    Why Is The Modern Web So Bloated?

    I just completed a web check-in for a flight. The site was taking a while to load, so I checked out the network tab to see what HTTP requests were being made. Its a mess - - for example, the website has no social features whatsoever, it's a payment processing subdomain, and it seems to be...
  12. reaaski

    Free courses on web development - waste of time or not?

    Is it worth it for Adsense on YouTube? CPC in GAds is extremely high when I look at this niche. But is it so lucrative when it comes to content creation? I think such a channel can be easily turned into a selling machine in the future when this industry is going to change. Something new...
  13. Digitalmarkstar

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  14. theduke60


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  15. Castamir

    [JV] Your Coding Skills + My Marketing Skills

    I have an idea for a marketing tool that will be insanely useful for Google rankings but my coding skills (basic html and css) are not yet enough to create it. So here's the offer, if you partner with me on this, you will be responsible for building this website and I will market it. The...
  16. C

    Looking for a full stack web developer

    Hello! I am looking to build a website. I need full stack web developer. The website is about selling a digital service, so it needs to be connected through API, it should have payment gateway PayPal & Stripe. Most importantly, it should be SEO friendly.. because later when I hire SEO service...
  17. chadthornee

    All About WordPress Design and Development Service starts at just $50

  18. Arastu

    [Journey] Nothing to something ecommerce development agency.

    Hello guys, I recently joined BHW, but I am not new. I have been learning from this forum for a long time. Now I've decided to start my own journey to keep myself accountable and reach to a new height in my career. I am working as an ecommerce developer since 2018 as a freelancer. I never did...
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  20. Aulig

    [JV] My Leads + Your Website Development Agency/Services

    Hi, I do app development and occasionally my customers are looking for someone that can help them with web development too. For example at the moment I have someone in need of a Shopify app/plugin developer. But I'm not specifically looking for someone who can take care of this one deal, but a...