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    aMember is a Powerful Membership site software and subscription management PHP script in the internet market. My best option to choose aMember is for create membership site. In this post, i will share my own aMember Pro Review and experience working with aMember. The beauty part of aMember Pro works with popular CMS and numerous payment gateways. To sell digital products and download it is the best membership site software from my personal perspective. When I writing this post, aMember released the new version aMember 4.2.5 and it is available for downloads. aMember v4 uses Zend Framework and HTML_QuickForm 2 libraries. Trust me, it has more features and please allow me here to share this awesome things one by one.

    While creating membership website content protection plays a vital role. aMember will do the great job for protecting post, pages, folders and files also. So, if Non-members try to access the files or enter the file URL then aMember will automatically redirect those users to registration page. If you are planning to include videos then use AmazonS3 to host your video files. There is also no need of any additional plugin to drip feed your post/pages. aMember has in-built functionality to delivery your content in specific day with intervals. In aMember, Protect content-> pages and here you can easily drip your post.

    aMember allows you to create unlimited membership level. It?s very easy creating many products and group them. So, you can create like this groups Gold, Silver, Platinum, Basic, VIP Member etc.. You can name those group depend upon your needs. And without any difficulty you can easily Rebill those members in that group. Easily I did this setup like this $47 for 30 days in basic groups. You can also do this easily via ?Manage products?.

    Yes, aMember will allow you to add multiple payment system to your membership site. I really like these awesome features because it has more benefit using multiple payment gateways in your sales page. Here are aMember's supported payment gateways: 1ShoppingCart, 2Checkout (2CO), Authorize.Net, ClickBank, PayPal, Plimus, SWReg, WorldPay, Zombaio supports aMember Pro version 4. That said, aMember has in-built autoresponder functionality there is no need of any additional email marketing system like Aweber or mailchimp. You can easily send and receive e-mail message/newsletter to customers and guest also. Easily filter based upon level/group and send emails to selective customers. Once member buy your product aMember will send registration detail immediately. Due to these autoresponder features you have the options to deliver your email for the 1st day, 3rday etc.. depending upon your needs.

    aMember has built-in affiliate system within the membership site software there is no need of any additional plugins. You can easily create affiliate sign-up page and manage easily. In aMember also offer to setup 2-Tier affiliate commission. Easily setup an affiliate cookie time and minimum payout. Payout can be made to PayPal, MoneyBookers or check. For your membership site, you can easily upload text link and banners. So, your affiliate will easily grab your banners and they will promote your products. aMember has in-built affiliate system, however you have also the options to set your own affiliate system like idevaffiliate etc..

    The customer support module helps to interact with your customers in organized way. In aMember pro dashboard, under setup/configuration you can configure the helpdesk as your own needs. aMember also support to read the customers tickets and reply within the dashboard. Also, I can easily track the customer?s details within the dashboard. It will really helpful for both administrator and customer also. aMember support third-party script and it support major CMS system like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla , Mambo CMS, Moodle (Suitable for education), phpFox plugin, phpNuke, phpWebSite, PostNuke, Serendipity, Typo3, Xaraya, XOOPS, e107, eFront, Expression Engine(ee), Indexu and many more.

    In membership site, forums are a great place to discuss about the product and it?s a good place for customers to meet each other. So many of membership administrator choose the forum for their membership site. Yes, aMember will protect the forum integration. The forum integration which support are phpBB, Vanilla Integration, vBulletin (!), WowBB, SMF forum, XenForo, myBB, SilverStripe, and many more. Check more about here forum integration. When user fills the registration page and make the payment then the user will automatically added to the both forum and aMember database. aMember also support third party customer database in efficient way. At the same time, when their subscription expires, user will automatically disabled or removed from third party database.

    While running a membership site, you can offeryour customers a coupon code. As amember has in-built functionality to setup coupon code for your product. You can also setup coupon code for a specific period, number of time to use, and even to setup for recurring bill as well. Signup or registration page is important when dealing with membership site. In amember first registration page will show after that user directed to payment page. In amember v4 you can easily customize the registration page with the help of bricks in forms editor, everything in just drag and drop.

    aMember is a Premium Membership software and it relatively cheap at $179.95. Once you purchase this membership site software contact aMember team and they will install the aMember software in your website. You get 6 months updates for FREE and there after you can choose to pay another $80 which enables you to profit from future updates for another year.

    Concluding... They are a great benefit! You can use this membership site software in most CMS, and in your HTML sites also. Honestly, you can easily protect the content using this amember pro.
    It?s a great membership site software and easily integrates with the third-party script you might have running already. I never came across such a grateful plugin in internet. I highly recommend for creating membership site using amember Pro. A real gift from heaven? No I think not! But if a heaven existed I think God would use aMember to manage the new entries! The aMember script is a real positive add-on to my Internet marketing carreer, as the real money is in recurring income. And aMember is more than capable to deliver and manage membership sites. Yes! CGI Central provided a more secure future for me.

    That being said the following message is about the support! My team of coders has developed a Desktop Application. I basically wanted members that purchased this app to login and be verified through aMember, this to see if they have an active subscription and eligble to use the software. The 4.2.4 update came with the introduction of the API that made this all possible. Perfect timing, and a outstanding explanation by the support team which solved my issues within just a couple of hours. The update however gave some admin and client errors on my side. Now what I did, I simply filed a support ticket and within 30 minutes.. Someone from support logged into my server and solved everything. Yes, everything is fixed now and I can continue with my marketing adventure.

    All I want to say, Thank you aMember for making my Internet marketing life a bit easier and perhaps more importantly.. FUN!

    Regards and I hope you BHW can find some value in this review,


    Steven Jones

    PS. If you have ever considered running a membership site then aMember is definitely an investment you should consider because it delivers on every aspect on managing a good membership site and I promise you that you will not be dissapointed. The entry price might be steep, but membership sites will earn you more in the long run!

    PPS. Not affiliated in any way with these guys, just a happy customer.
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    First sorry for bumping this thread.. i searched on google for amember review just to see what is coming up and how it matches with current criteria and yeah.. my fav forum comes up!! BHW.. so wanna add something in this...

    1. Customer Support Sucks!
    2. After purchase if u want to integrate into any script u gotta pay.
    3. Customer Support sucks!

    Its very nice script and even customer support was great before few months.. from past 2-3 months they are taking more than 2 days to give a small response.