1. kevincrashout

    Jr. VIP x BHW Marketplace Seller

    Is the Jr. VIP membership more relevant than the BHW Marketplace seller? How is the public feeling in terms of trust and interaction with the roles? I'm new here and I would like to understand the best path to follow. I would like to thank everyone who is part of this community, it has been...
  2. speedie

    BHW Wallet: stash some funds for paid membership and BST renewal only

    Hey BHW, This just crossed my mind again. I have been thinking about it for some time now. It would be useful if BHW could allow JR VIPs, Premium members or any paid member or any member for that matter, to store funds [maybe a minimum of $30 useful enough for a BST payment and maximum of $1000...
  3. Twistler

    Secret Membership Levels?

    I just reached 500 messages and I received the "Power Member" level. The thing is, both What are the BHW membership levels and how do I achieve them? and All about BHW Membership levels exclude the "Power Member" level. So now I am wondering what other free membership levels there are that are...
  4. 1

    I bought BHW market place Seller Membership what is benefits?

    I bought today BHW Market place seller membership package. I would like to know what is extra benefit of this package? what. Can i do with this? Thanks advance
  5. juanluis21

    Question About posting in Marketplace

    Hi! If I buy the annual subscription and also pay for posting on the marketplace Will I be able to take my post top in the list every time I comment on it or any other member does? Thanks Sorry for my bad english
  6. D

    Want to Find out Payment processor for Movie Streaming Sites Subscriptions

    I want to know how on some pirate streaming websites such as , and many other sites they offer premium memberships showing Ad-Free movies to members and accept credit cards, PayPal as payment options and don't have any problems about DMCA. Can anyone tell me which payment...
  7. (MasteR)

    How to get qualify for Jr.VIP

    How do i get qualify for Jr. Vip Suggestions please
  8. zimba

    WTH/WTB Membership website

    I need someone to create a membership website, will sell digital products on. It will be with just one monthly plan and the products will be hosted somewhere else but members that have paid subscriptions can get downloadable links. Preferably built with wordpress Please send me your prices and...
  9. F

    membership site

    Hi I wanna create a membership site where the subscriber submits a form and then gets a custom membership area based on his answers, the membership area it differs from subscriber to subscriber (I hope everyone gets it) I find it difficult in wordpress, anyone knows a plugin that can do this...
  10. windows95

    Premium Snapchat Membership Site- feasible?

    I posted this in another section but after some thought I feel that maybe it better fits here since it's a subscription based thing I'm trying to create. I would love some input on whether or not this would even be feasible or worth my time (thanks in advance). The idea: -find girls on...
  11. Veil123

    [Giveaway] Jr.VIP Membership #2

    Hey, hey! As promised on the previous Jr.VIP giveaway thread (, here comes the second one! - The requirements for this giveaway: At least 300 quality posts (posting methods, helping other members...) At least 200...
  12. Hello Fello

    [New here] I am confused! - Jr. VIP membership

    Suppose I am 60 days old here and have 100 posts and also have paid for Jr. vip membership ($97), can I post in the marketplace then?
  13. Veil123

    [Giveaway] Jr.VIP Membership #1

    Hey folks! I had a really tough time with my business in the last few months, but thanks to the timely changes I did, everything is back in order. To express my gratitude to everyone on this forum (including all my previous/current/further clients) I am giving away 3 x Jr.VIP memberships (1...
  14. K

    Need assistance with my Membership Site!

    Hey! I’m struggling to create my membership site for my niche.. I have everything ready, a growing Facebook group with over 5000 members already (all interested in this niche!) I just need the membership site to advertise and I should be away, I’m struggling to build it though web Design is...
  15. janit995

    Thinking to buy another forum membership

    I recently came across a BH forum which provides good tools for it's VIP members. At least this is mentioned on their site. The tool list is amazing. I'm not going to mentioned the site's name as the BHW search bar does not let me search with that site's name as keyword. And so, I figured out...
  16. E

    Authority site + membership - $5000/month journey (long term)

    Hey guys, You mught know me from the Kindle thread. That journey is still on but that is a part time journey. This one is a culmination of a lifetime of learning and work, so to speak. My main project. I've been working on this project since 2017, so for about 2 years now. I've been...
  17. M

    Membership site with Bitcoin payment?

    Hi, I want to start a membership site with affiliate & payment method both paypal & Bitcoin. which platform / script u suggest?
  18. Arc717

    Trying to make my own Membership Website.

    As the title says I'm trying to make my own site that allows users to pay a monthly fee for a membership, login, renew their membership, cancel their membership, etc. I would like to restrict one page on the site to paying members only. I would also only like to have one account be logged in...
  19. Determined Diva

    Membership website set up needed

    Hello everyone I am looking for someone that can make a membership website for me. I want it to be on WordPress so that I can add my pages and posts to it with ease. I am well versed with WordPress but this time around I don't want to waste any time on learning things because I have quite a...
  20. Determined Diva

    10k coaching? Really?

    Hey everyone I hope it's going great with you guys. I am a little baffled as to the price tag of $10,000 per coaching package from marketers. Last night I came across an advert asking me to sign up for a $10k course or an installment payment method of $997 a month for 12 months. What does one...
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