1. jimbobo2779

    Who is spamming aMember accounts? And why?

    I know most of us here have done a bit of the old link spam or mass account creation but recently, well for a year or more now, I have been having an insane amount of accounts created on my aMember based sites. Nobody ever logs into the accounts or even uses them and the footprints are so easy...
  2. L

    Need Amember Expert

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an amember expert to setup a wordpress membership site for me. The project is very simple. Amember is already installed and integrated wordpress. Please pm me or reply here and I will contact you asap.
  3. StevenJones

    aMember Pro The 4.x.x Review

    aMember is a Powerful Membership site software and subscription management PHP script in the internet market. My best option to choose aMember is for create membership site. In this post, i will share my own aMember Pro Review and experience working with aMember. The beauty part of aMember...
  4. A

    About amember script

    I need to built a site for some of my customers. I need a member area and also want to lock some content. I was planning to use amember script for my site, but I want to know something like 1. I want to add some downloadable pdf and word docs, am I able to do it..?? 2. Can I lock a page made in...
  5. S

    hello everyone , please help

    i need help with ipn script, i have amember pro for my site and i am using clickbank. the script i have so far in my php folder is : <?php function cbValid() { $key='YOUR SECRET KEY'; $ccustname = $_REQUEST['ccustname']; $ccustemail = $_REQUEST['ccustemail']; $ccustcc =...
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