1. L

    Need Amember Expert

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an amember expert to setup a wordpress membership site for me. The project is very simple. Amember is already installed and integrated wordpress. Please pm me or reply here and I will contact you asap.
  2. StevenJones

    aMember Pro The 4.x.x Review

    aMember is a Powerful Membership site software and subscription management PHP script in the internet market. My best option to choose aMember is for create membership site. In this post, i will share my own aMember Pro Review and experience working with aMember. The beauty part of aMember...
  3. A

    About amember script

    I need to built a site for some of my customers. I need a member area and also want to lock some content. I was planning to use amember script for my site, but I want to know something like 1. I want to add some downloadable pdf and word docs, am I able to do it..?? 2. Can I lock a page made in...
  4. S

    hello everyone , please help

    i need help with ipn script, i have amember pro for my site and i am using clickbank. the script i have so far in my php folder is : <?php function cbValid() { $key='YOUR SECRET KEY'; $ccustname = $_REQUEST['ccustname']; $ccustemail = $_REQUEST['ccustemail']; $ccustcc =...