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    Hi All,

    i started running adsense on my personal website which sells clothing but was wondering have i made a mistake by running adsense on it. end of the month will be 3 months of running adsense, i made so far £857.59 UK pounds not very impressive to what i hear some people on BHW are making from adsense. the money i make from it i just put it back in to getting SEO done for the site from guys on here.

    i have created a micro niche site with 1200 articles so hoping to get that ranked and generated some good income since the keywords chosen pay high and maybe then remove the adsense from my shopping website.

    what are your thoughts please.

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    Adsense is not a good way to make money compared to things like membership sites where you charge a monthly membership fee. Or a shop where you are selling products. If you are selling products contact manufacturers directly and get commision from direct rather than through amazon etc. Amazon commission is rubbish.
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