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  1. Lutja

    Which SEO Strategy for this "case" ?

    Hey guys, Just started a new project on a small niche, some months ago (January), my main competitor, which is ranking #1 on G, is making me pretty much nervous. Why? His money site has 33 DR (Ahrefs), and 13 UR, so you gonna ask me where is the problem. His money site has 120K BL, from...
  2. A

    Looking for SEO Services. Black/White/Grey

    Hi, I am looking for SEO services we have many things to run, But need reliable source who can rank and write content Too on website, I will Give Topics For the content or Blog!
  3. N

    What is the Best tool for auto-posting?

    Hello guys, I've used a lot of different tools (GSA, Autopilot, Xrumer,...) to create posts on forums. My purpose is not to get backlinks but to create as many posts as possible (hopefully they won't be deleted), so backlink is not my target. The tool should have reliable database with many...
  4. N

    Index not cache PBN Link - worth to buy?

    Hi, if someone offers your PBN LINK have INDEX but NO CACHE, would you buy it?
  5. J

    Link Building Still important or working for SEO ?

    I want to ask a question for Link creation i have seen many places where somebody are saying Backlink creation is dead what is your opinion
  6. nifras

    Creating sub domain as a blog from my main amazon affiliate

    Hello I am planning to create subdomain as a blog from my main site . is that effective in SEO ? main site DA 18 PA 26
  7. D

    Need SEO Link Backing Help?

    I have a travel blog that I have had for 3 years and only getting around 30 views from SEO a day. I need help with what was I can do to get more backlinks to my keywords so that my blog posts can get more views and so can my site. is there any other ways than just doing guest posting. I...
  8. P

    17 years aged domain, need suggestions to make 301 redirect

    Dear all, I have 17 years aged domain in my bucket which contains niche keyword as well along with following metrics. DA: 19 PA: 31 Moz rank: 3.1 CF:13 TF:6 Should i buy this expired domain and redirect 301 to my money site?
  9. F

    Google’s Two distinct things in SEO

    Crawling Crawling or web crawling refers to an automated process through which search engines filtrate web pages for proper indexing. Web crawlers go through web pages, look for relevant keywords, hyperlinks and content, and bring information back to the web servers for indexing. As crawlers...
  10. M

    Trafficstrom Introduction

    Hello, We are here to share our expertise and learn from the forum on Search Engine Optimization and Web Traffic generation.
  11. D

    I need a SEO service

    I have a travel blog that I have been running for about 3 years and can only get about 140 views a day from SEO. I want to grow my site to get more travftr trough ranking my keywords on my blog posts. Anyone offer or know a service or backlinking service
  12. ATuringtest

    Next steps advice for first none money site PBN help please :)

    Ok – I have my very first PBN None Money site Domain Name bought. Domain Authority 20 Page Authority 25 Linking Domains 70 Inbound Links Total 793 MOZ Spam score is – Maj TF is low I know at 7 Citation is 14 (no idea what that is) Some great links from Authority sites in my niche. I...
  13. kinkyplumber

    I bought social signals, edu, good pbns and ranked no1,2 and 3 for multiple keywords.

    Hi BHW. I've been spending a lot of money buying links on BHW for the last few months since joining. I've bought some very strong edu backlinks, specific social signals, content and a few more pecks. Why? I run my own commercial plumbing and heating business in the UK. I was able to quit my...
  14. logen309

    PBN need backlink every week or every day?

    Hello, any expert here use PBN please share, how many backlink for PBN to keep it alive? is it every day or every week and how many backlink exactly
  15. J

    Which SEO Link Building technique you use the most for getting High Authority Backlinks?

    Which SEO Link Building technique you use the most for getting High Authority Backlinks?
  16. N

    Social media marketing techniques| SEO | Online marketing through facebook

    I used to do posting with the services provides to the customer in facebook for making it popular and also for business conversion and didn't find any result too. I used to get a few likes and no conversions. Therefore Please do give some suggestions about free social media promotion techniques...
  17. Naveenkumar9

    I Want To Rank My Website Only In India ASAP

    Can anyone tell me step by step... how do i apply SEO On my website?
  18. Joyce Nye

    Importance of mobile SEO

    Hey all, Why mobile SEO is so important for business?
  19. L

    Hey Guys

    Hey everyone, I'm not too sure on what all I should say here introducing myself. I joined here from the advice on someone trying to help me get my SEO business off the ground. I guess I'm pretty much here (on this forum) for marketing. My goals would be to help people with their SEO needs as I...
  20. nifras

    SEO cost For low competition keyword ?

    How much You suggest to pay for rank low competition (below 20&) higher volume keyword