Targeting another country

    Hi 1. I want to open a YouTube channel from my country, but I want to target another country. Do I have to change the IP or language from the settings? 2. What about my Adsense account? Should I open a new one with new information and a new IP?
  2. B

    Adsense checker tool

    Hey, I m a web developer and I m trying to build a tool that checks Adsense eligibility for blogs or at least gives some insight about it. and I need some key factors that can help me with that. I have some in mind : - domain age (done) - domain authority - number of posts (done for WP) - legal...
  3. bonohack

    Increase Youtube Revune Bot ?

    Hello everyone, I am interested in using the Dollar Click Bot to increase my YouTube views, subscribers, and likes, as well as my revenue. I have seen many people share screenshots of increased revenue and claiming that they have used this program. However, I have a few questions before I decide...
  4. bitrexF

    My website Journey to 2 mill traffic from B

    I will not get into so much so let start -brand new domain I braindstormed and on the fly on gdaddy calculation cost about 2.5k which surprise me -I target some general topics not keywords but have something in mind that I think can be ranked well. keyword that are with volume over 50k clicks...
  5. L

    My adsense got banned for invalid traffic, am I fucked?

    My adsense under my name and bank got banned, is there any way I make a account on a family member and link my bank account or is my name forever on the google ban list and I cannot use their ad products?
  6. hims.000

    {Why} My AdSense Earning Dashboard | Should i Start with a new Domain

    Hey.. I think my site is dead. My cpc is very low. Earning is almost 0 I have published - 300+ article on this site. Visitor comes from - India Should i stop posting article on this site, and register a new domain? Or is there any chance to get more earning from blogging? How i can...
  7. hims.000

    {{Adsense vs Ezoic }} My site become slow after using EZOIC?

    Yesterday i insert ezoic code to my site. I was using AdSense Now my site is very slow. I have also use their leap feature. My Gtmatix grade degraded from A to F Note - site speed also a ranking factor. I have ranked 1st most of the keyword . My site traffic is 150000+ . Does ezoic kill my...
  8. Ajju

    Facebook Page Story traffic safe for AdSense Blog?

    Hi , My friend Use Big FB Pages From USA and he is Selling Story Traffic , So Should i use Fb Story traffic for My AdSense Blog ? Is Facebook Page Story traffic safe for AdSense Blog?

    How this guy have this insane RPM!

    is it because of the niche or some hack? any idea?

    Youtube AdSense : One of your payments accounts was canceled :(

    Does anybody receives this mail? What does this mean? new update? Adsense account working fine.. many people received this mail
  11. R

    [JV] My huge T1 Traffic for AdSense + your AdSense website health niche

    i create bot for auto post on social network we have 700 active social accounts that will auto-post our content on social media platforms 24/7 looking for jv with someone that focos on health niche as health niche ctr is 14% so anyone that have AdSense website that focus on health that have...
  12. jenerali

    How to get AdSense approval fast?

    Sorry for the clickbait title bit I have been struggling in getting my site approved by Google since last year. I have made so many attempts that I don't know what else to do. My site is My traffic is tier 3 that why I need it to be on AdSense Any suggestions will be much appreciated
  13. H

    Google adsense don't validate my account

    It's been 2 months already. I follewed all the steps to create my accout and receive my mails that my adsense account have been created and all I have to do is enter my website in my adsense but when I click on the link the send me it give me the message "We can't currently provide you whith...
  14. mistarin

    Recommendations for the website building (Q)

    hello, I am a new person around here and I have a website in mind to open a website in English, but I have no idea how to create a website as a category. I had tried a few news sites before, but there were no long-term jobs, now I want to train again, what kind of websites do you think I can create?
  15. rareunicorn

    Traffic for Niche Site

    Guys I have a website related to Online Business niche. It is monetized but the returning users are very low. So I have decided to buy some engaging traffic here at blackhatworld. i have some criteria for traffic. 1. The Traffic has to be real and not some kind of Bot traffic 2. Traffic have to...
  16. iamtheepxert

    [AdSense Help for YouTube] Trouble in closure of Payments profile

    Hi, I have applied for YPP monetization for one of my channels. Since I have another adsense account (which eve I don't know), I was asked through mail to close one of my accounts so that I can re-apply for YPP. Initially I have tried to remove it from AdSense login, but there I cannot access...
  17. Fresherwink

    [QUES] What should be blogging strategy ?

    [Sorry for my bad English ] Well, I have started my Adsence blogging journey this month. I have posted 7 articles. 4 indexed and 3 are not indexed. One is in the first position, one is third, the other is in 24 and the last one is not in 100. I want to make1000$ per month. Please give me some...
  18. r3L4x

    Need Help On Ad Networks

    Hi guys working from 2015 years in dating niche. Mostly mobile traffic. As you know Adsense is not allowing dating websites, so I need to find alternative earning source. I tested basically all popular ads networks. Most of them is paying cents. For my only worked out Adsterra, but in past...
  19. F

    Struggling to get site approved for adsense any alternatives please

    Hi All, Hope someone can help, for the past 2 months i been trying to get adsense approved and every damn time they keep coming back with something different issue. i am now tired of wasting my time in making changes that are not getting approved. are their any good ads companies that pay well...
  20. O

    is it worth it blogging about plants?

    i found that some plants have lower KD (i only used semrush), and i was wondering if setting up a blog about that is going to be worth the time. obviously i am a noob, and this is the first time i saw something with high search volume and low KD. also... does it hurt if i talked about the...